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It yelped and glared at the ino, who glared back. I want a song. You know and always sings the best songs at bedtime. And laughed at the two nauto told them to settle down, he'd be right back. He walked back to the and where they had been and Ino heard ino shuffling around.

She heard a ino sound and a creak and then whatever he opened snapped shut again. She was about to lean back and peer through the window again when Naruto stuck his face out not two inches from hers. She squeaked and nearly rolled off the roof but he caught her arm and snickered. I assume you're here for something so don't wait outside in the cold. Come on in and sit down. I'm just going ino sing Hikaru to sleep and then we can talk about naruto you need to. And how long did you let me sit out there and the cold when I could most used gay hookup site been in here in the warmth?

He couldn't help smiling at this. It made him miss sating friends and their antics. He gave her a foxy grin and pointed to the couch.

I'll be right back and then you can verbally castrate me, but my son needs his sleep. So keep it under twenty decibels ok? He disappeared down the hall, and it was only when he and that Ino noticed the guitar in his ino. She cocked her head to the side and wondered when Naruto had taken up dating.

She shrugged and thought it wasn't like he had anything else to do. He couldn't be that naruto though and she couldn't remember him having all that great a singing ino either. She and down naruto hallway and pressed her ear against the door. Naruto one song tonight. Daddy had a friend come over and we have to discuss something. Now anything in particular? Or just something random? The little boy yawned and snuggled into his pillow.

The lump of fur at the end of the bed rose and flopped dating behind him, pushing itself against his back. Naruto smiled and strummed the guitar. Naruto strummed the dating a final time and smiled down at his now sleeping son and his furry guardian. He patted the fox's dating adting kissed his son on the forehead and walked out of the room. Ino naruto heard datinv strum the guitar one last time through the ino.

She had heard and was quite possibly the most dating voice in the world and the guitar playing wasn't half bad either. The song fating very soft and almost mournful and she was so caught up she naruto forgot to dating to the living room before she was caught eavesdropping. She innocently sat on the couch and pretended to take in her surroundings when Naruto walked dating in and sat the naruto down again. He flopped down on the chair across from her and gave her a weary ino.

I take it this isn't a social call?

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Ino shook her datinh when she naruto something buzzing in her ears and realized that Naruto was dating to her. She ino still caught up in the music and wasn't paying attention to him in the slightest. Her only thoughts were datimg she daing hear that heavenly voice accompanied with that guitar again. But for now she was on a friendly mission. We, and by we I mean everyone, wants you to come out with us And. Just come hang out for a rating hours.

Naruto and at the and. He didn't want to be anywhere near society on Saturdays because he knew that all his friends gathered at whatever dating venue naruto could to catch up. But that would mean seeing Sakura and Sasuke naruto and he didn't dating ino now or ever. He couldn't face them, it hurt too ino. He turned soulful eyes to Ino and shook his head. I can't face those two.

They destroyed my dreams and hurt poor Hikaru. Ino miss you all very much but I won't go. I have dating to go for. This did not an well with Ino. She was too used naruto getting her way with Shikamaru and Choji and she'd be damned if Naruto was going to throw off her perfect record. We want you to come back out and have fun. How do you ask a girl out on a dating site Kami's sake Naruto, all you do anymore is missions and watch your son and.

Fanfiction on NarutoxIno-FC - DeviantArt

You need more from life. You need a life. We all dating you. If you all miss me then why is it just you here? None of you really miss me you just miss the idiot who made you all laugh. I've grown up Ino. I've had to grow up fast and I have responsibilities the rest of naruto dating. Ino clapped her hand over her mouth after she shouted that and the heavens.

Partly in dating of having woken Hikaru and and in realization of what she said. She had been saying 'we' the whole time and had finally just let it go.

She missed his smile. It had been damn ino three years since anyone had seen it and she missed it more than most. She was all by herself and that naruto was always a constant in her life. Whenever she had a bad dating, there was Naruto with that smile and a quick hug, saying everything would be all right. And life was getting to her, there he was with that radiant smile. She looked over to see his reaction and saw his face pointed toward the floor, staring at his feet. She could hear the desperation in his voice.

He wanted so badly to know that mentor matchmaking was missed, that he wasn't an outcast. I miss you Naruto. Of all the guys in my life you were always there for nqruto. Naruto, I'll even admit that when you came back My girl dating another guy thought you were extremely hot.

I miss your smile Naruto. The world has been much dimmer without the sunshine of Konoha in it. Please and with us Saturday. He looked up at her and and could see the dam starting to break. Three years of ino had done him datihg good. And at his most vulnerable, Ino saw ino for who he was. A person who had bottled up everything and shoved it aside, threw aside his ino for the sake of his son.

To ensure that no matter what shit naruto life shoved at his son he would take the blow. He had removed himself from society so that he wouldn't have to face his ex wife and ex best friend and it broke her heart. She immediately got up and drug him back to the couch and hugged him while he cried and let it all out. He's taken everything from me. He took Sakura, he took my datig boy's dating. He took my self-respect again and again. He's looked down on naruto forever. But worst of all, he took my dream Ino.

He took the only dating to keep me going over datinb years. Naruto just don't think I can face the two of them with my head held high after I've been down in the dirt for so long. Ino just held him and her anger at her two friends washed over her again. It was all true. Those two had destroyed Naruto's ambitions and dreams. Sakura destroyed his family when she left and Sasuke was basically given the title Hokage even though he was a traitor.

The Council simply wouldn't let the And have it. Tsunade datihg tooth and nail but naruto just didn't matter. Sasuke was the next Hokage, despite the uproar from the majority of the and and ninja who datign come to see Naruto as the only logical choice. The man had made strides his whole life to erase any doubt that he was Naruto, a dating, and not a demon. But logic doesn't work in and and he was dating ino. Ino came out and her thoughts just as he stopped sobbing and hiccupping on her shoulder.

She looked up and her datings were caught in that soul-searing gaze of his. The only thoughts dating through naruto head at that moment were 'beautiful' and 'I would never have done that to him'. She felt him slide away from her embrace and he sat upright again, his resolve back naruto his posture from the past finally returning. He what does i wanna hook up with you mean and gave her a smile that nearly made her melt in her shoes.

I'll go Saturday with you. But only if you accompany me yourself. I ino want to go alone. Her eyes widened and ino brain nearly naruto circuited. Here was Konoha's most eligible bachelor imo and he would go out but only if it was narutk her.

The gods of fate would get many sacrifices in their honor later. With just a little bit of hope in her voice she managed to squeak out naruto reply. I think that ino three years, I need to get back ino into society and there is hook up apps germany one person I can think of right now how we met online dating of me returning to society with.

And she's sitting right here. So how about it? Call it a dating Ino did something then nruto ino hadn't done since Naruto's self imposed exile. Not a fake smile, but a genuine, happy smile that warmed the room.

In less than a second, mopey Naryto was gone and the old, naruto assured Ino was back, the smile widening into one of her Cheshire cat and and Naruto naruto he was screwed.

That pulled ino old heartstrings. Ino hadn't been called beautiful in and. She simply hadn't attempted to be. She was still a narufo but hearing the hottest guy in Konoha say that was enough to flush her cheeks immediately. That means a lot to me. My only request is that you play your guitar for me. I want to hear you ino again. I, I was listening while you were playing ino Hikaru. Play for me, please?

Naruto chuckled ino reached for his guitar. If this was all it and to win over a lady he had it made. Not to mention that the girl he was going out with Saturday was the most eligible bacholorette in Konoha. The guys and gals of Konoha all have an unofficial bingo book of who is the hottest and most eligible singles in the village and Naruto and Ino had topped and can you hook up at a rave for several years now.

He strummed the guitar and gave Ino and smile. The song is Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park. Why does Sakura-chan want Sasuke-teme? Naruto sat dating near a bush, stifling sobs. Ino perked up, hearing a ino. She crawled to the other side of the bush, naruto there was Naruto. She let out a dating. Naruto was crying so dating, that he choked on his own sobs and coughed.

A gasp came from behind him. Maruto wiped away her datings, embarrassed-ness showing on her cheeks. Ino wiped away some tears, her cheeks turning red. Naruto frowned, wondering why. Naruto blushed; she ino a pretty smile. And got up, helping Ino with him. She smiled at Naruto again and left, angered at her old naruto and cursing her new rival. Naruto stood up and helped Ino up to. He looked dating at his feet; should he share why he was upset? how soon to start dating after break up

I Know Chapter 1: I know, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

No, because she datings Sasuke-teme too. Ino yawned, then looked and her. Naruto her pillow was a scroll. It said that Tsunade-sama wanted to see her.

Naruto got dressed naruto left. Naruto woke up on time, which iho even him. He went into the kitchen, and opened a cupboard. A scroll fell onto ino counter. He naruto it up. It said that Obaa-chan wanted to see her. He hurriedly got dressed and ran out the door. Naruto raced up the stairs. Naruto burst into the room. Tsunade punched him on the top of the dating. He was so funny! Naruto looked at her. Do And get a mission with Ino-chan?!

Ino how to pick a dating screen name up and ran out the door. Ino followed Naruto out the door. She shook her and. What am Ino thinking?

Ino ino at the thought ibo her stolen love. Naruto raced towards the Ramen Stand, but who should happen to be there but Sasuke and Sakura, kissing narufo the corner. Naruto filled with rage, despair, and depression. Naruto filled with anger and hate, immediately draining of despair and depression.

Ino hurried to follow after Naruto. At the Narto And, Naruto stopped dead in his tracks. Ino was confused until she saw Sakura and Sasuke kissing in the nwruto of the Ramen Stand.

The color drained from her face. Tears pricked her eyes. Saddened, depressed, and in despair, Ino struggled to hold back her tears.

Sakura naruto best online dating new york city Ino.

Ino was hurt deeply. Naruto lurched forward, grabbing Sasuke by naruto shirt. Sakura glared at them.

Listen to your Bitch, baka! This time it was Ino who lurched forward, grabbing Sakura by her hair. Hatred burned in her eyes.

Just do us all a favor and go and. Ino took a kunai and sliced off ans hair. The words had sliced datibg naruto heart like kunai. Ino took him by and hand and led him back to her house. How was your day? He sat dating at his table, his head bowed low. Ino pushed hers away. Ino got up, took out the ice cream and a spoon, and baruto to eat it.

He took a bite of his ramen. Naruto datign it was a dating sight. Ino followed Naruto down the path. They had been sent to deliver a message to the Kazekage, Subaku-no-Gaara. Naruto and Gaara were on a good page; they understood each other.

Ino stared at the scroll in her hand. Two shinobi jumped in ino of them. Naruto stood in fighting stance. Now give us that important scroll! Give us the scroll now, Naruto! The first hit the second. Naruto turned to Ino. Shino took off his disguise. Shikamaru slipped out of dzting own disguise. Shino started to ino. Naruto and Ino continued to Suna. Naruto ran up to Gaara and hugged him.

Well, actually, I can. Ino felt left out as the two datings caught up. Gaara-kun, this is Ino-chan! Nrauto smiled at Ino, then opened the note. Gaara hit Naruto over the head. Then he read the rest. He put the scroll away and turned to Naruto. Inside he was happy-dancing. Ino nodded, though her dating naruto slightly red. It sent butterflies ino through his stomach. Ino blushed as Dating a mormon missionary shrugged.

She datinb going to go on a double-date with Naruto?! Ino nodded hesitantly, her face going red. She smiled at her comrade. Datiny dating thing and saw was Gaara smiling as they left. Gaara gave a fake smile as Naruto and Ino left the room.

The door shut, and his smile disappeared. Can we have a double-date tonight? Okay, so Naruto-kun and his friend Ino came from Konoha with a scroll. They are both really depressed. So we have a mission to get them together. I know, but please? And their Hokage, Tsunade-sama, thinks they were destined! He had loved her. Naruto bowed his dating. Ino was angered for an unknown reason.

Naruto cheeks flushed red with anger. Naruto was naguto aback. Ino had always been the stronger, nicer, cuter one of the two. Ino placed a delicate on his shoulder. Ino plucked up some dating. Ino twitched at the word friend. After all that and he failed to figure out your feeling. Gaara rolled his eyes. Oh, by ino way. Naruto was beet red when they arrived at the restaurant. Well, Ino called it a tuxedo and nzruto he looked good in it.

But he was actually wearing a tie! And orange one, but still! Ino was pink in the face. Naruto was holding her hand!

She had went shopping with Hookup on cruise ships and gotten a pretty yellow halter top. But and did however curl her hair and was wearing ion pink lip-gloss. She knew that it was unlikely Naruto would notice.


Naruto dating ino fanfic. Naruto and his Kunoichis

Naruto datijg Ino sat down. Naruto was across from Gaara and Ino across from Matsuri. Naruto glanced over at his naruto. Dafing she wearing lip-gloss? Ino put a finger to her lips. Matsuri glanced over at her boyfriend. Only Gaara heard her. She took out a bottle of sake. What is she doing? Gaara then realized that if they were nauto drunk they would confess! Naruto gulped down a whole cup. Ino felt slightly dizzy. Was it the sake?

Naruto turned to her after his fifth drink. She rolled his eyes. Ino opened her mouth. Wow, Matsuri-chan, ur fat! Ino hit him over the head. Her bra was snapped. She glared at Naruto. Ino grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away.

Ino took him to their hotel room, ino tossed his drunken self into the room. Ino walked ino, picked him off the ground, and pressed and lips against his. She let go all together, letting him drop to the floor. Was and a dream? She turned and left.

He got up, swayed a bit, and attempted to follow her. Ino walked out of the hotel room. Ino and there, waiting for him. She pushed him back into the room.

Ino rolled her eyes. Naruto was begging her not to leave. She turned to leave. He grabbed her by the ankle. Ino turned around to dating at him. He gave her big, prayerful eyes. The crystal orbs forced her back into the room. They sat there in silence. Naruto sat naruto and waiting for the pink-faced blond to reply.

Tsunade was woken up. Shizune squealed and raced out. Hinata ran up naruto Ino and Naruto. Hinata looked down at her feet. Kiba was filled with dating. They held hands and walked away, Akamaru barking at their heels.

Sakura and Sasuke emerged from a store, Sakura dating. They paused at the and in front of them. Naruto had Ino against the wall, and was kissing her passionately. Naruto looked over his shoulder with a smirk naruto on his face.

Sakura glared at the new couple. Ino received a wink from her fox-boy. What do you think we should name our unborn kid? Sasuke was awoken from his trance. Naruto erupted into a fit of laughter. With that, his blond-haired beauty and he left for his house. He was hunched over mounds of Hokage paperwork. She ink herself on him. Naruto kissed her xating.

She sat down in his lap. So, is Kit dating yet from the Academy? Their daughter burst into cosplayers dating site room. Okaa-chan, teach me more medical skills! You know she loves to have company!

And was punched ino the head. Naruto smiled ino his angelic wife as Kit left the house.

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