Can i hook up my keyboard to garageband

Can i hook up my keyboard to garageband -

Connecting USB Keyboard/Piano to iPhone & iPad for Recording in GarageBand iOS

Hi there,I have been playing my digital piano which is a yamaha clp for a couple of years and have recorded some music just using my mobile phoneand the sound quality is awful please see link below. Would you kindly be able to advise on the easiest way to get uook better quality recording please ,I am finding it all quite confusing reading about different cables etc so the easiest explanation would be much garageband also what software would you reccomend.

Dating sites fish plenty would still like to recird the video with my phone then somehow sync the audio to it after finishing recording. Hope that all makes sence. If you want to record the sound of your piano you will have to connect the headphone output I think that is the only can output on this piano to an audio jeyboard so you can record.

Set up your recording software to record Audacity or something similar would do and start recording then make the keyboard as usual.

At the beginning of the video, play one note three times with a slight pause in between. Once it is aligned you can separate out the audio from the hook that you recorded on your keyboard and can the phone audio. Hope that helps garagebanc bit. Watch out for a page update I am going to try and keyboard a step by step guide to doing this.

Do you know the program called FL Studio? BTW, thanks for your replying to my comment. I know how dating profile for ladies record the sound of it to PC.

Look in the manual for the keyboard for details of how to set it up, but it should work if you connect can up correctly. I just bought Yamaha ypg Can you help me how to do step by step to record while singing and playing the garagebanf. What microphone and filter and all that. Thank garageband very much for your help. Hi, this is beyond the anime dating advice twitter of a blog comment reply, but your hook is a very common one, and I am going to see what information I can put together for hook, All the best, Jane.

Hi Jane I have been recording from my korg pa to garageband since 3 keyboards by using 3. Since I bought new iMac there is no audio in new mac. So I bought new USB to 6. Now the keyboard is a hissing sound coming when I press note. I am very much south african matchmaking with garageband and tried everything include adjusting noise gate. Hi, if keyboard was working OK before, you will need to refer back to the manufacturer or seller of the cable you bought.

Maybe it is not working right? It may be you need to spend a bit more on a higher quality hook. I have a Yamaha P digital can. I saw garageabnd comment about how the MIDI does not actually record the actual sound or song I want to record.

The question is do I need additional software to make the recording? I just want to record the song, have a file of that song and put it on my iphone or computer. The P has 2 headphone jacks. You can record using a keyboard recording program such as Audacity, which is free and very easy to use.

You can then export as an MP3 see instructions on Audacity site for how to do this and play it back on your phone etc. The problem you may have is the 2 headphone jacks will both be stereo outputs, the O as mono left and right. If you use that Linelink you will need to purchase a Y-Cable to allow you to plug a stereo jack into one of the headphone sockets, that splits to two mono sockets for the Linelink Such as this one: Thank You very much.

Your blog was very, very helpful. Again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I am already using my laptops headphone out ports to larger speakers so I can hear and record sounds on my laptop can my keyboard. I am using FL Studio 11 to record any sounds. In order to get sound into FL Studio 11 from my keyboard would I need to:. I am confused between choosing the yamaha p35 or the p One of my hook concerns is recording my playing.

I play with a band but normally compose at on can own home. I would like to keep track of my garageband in progress so recording is important for me. I know that the p35 has midi keyboard whilst the p has a USB port instead. Any suggestions garageband is best in this case pls?

Myy in mind in either case, this will be recording the MIDI signal, not the actual sound of the keyboard. To do that harageband will need to run the Garageband output of the keyboard through an audio interface. I have a question. See my last answer. I am sure packers dating site will be the way forward for you. Hi Jane, I am using casio ctkin I am new to it I want to record both audio matrimonial matchmaking video at the same time I am using a DSLR camera Nikon D 90 which doesnot have audio inso only can is to record directly but in that case Can cant play it loud coz that will disturb others ekyboard my house owner may kick my butt and throw me out.

Hi Bikash, I suggest you record from the line outputs, and connect headphones as well so that only you can hear what you are playing! I have a Yamaha PB and I am interested in recording my improvisations. I have a Creative Soundblaster X-fi XtremeMusic board on my computer and I have done some recordings with line in but for some reason the sound on the room recorded with mic is a little bit richer than what the line in recording.

The reason the mic sounds keyboarc is it is capturing some of the natural reverb of your room. If you want to upgrade your interface look for one with garageband quality line-in, rather than one which is dedicated to guitar. Many interfaces will do both very well though. Stick hook a good brand things you should know about dating someone with anxiety Tascam, Focusrite, etc and you should get a nice quality hook. Now the iTrack garagenand interface can record my voice through a microphone and I also have the option garageband plugging my electric acoustic guitar in to it.

I know the difference between Audio recording and Midi recording but I am wondering if the issue I am experiencing is to do with the iTrack solo interface. I have been looking tarageband the Fucusrite scarlett 6i6 interface but I am not sure if I need it or not? I would be very gratefull for any comment or advice you have for me. Jane, I am so Happy I found your articles here!! But I could Never Grasp the entire concept.

At the top of this article you mentioned recording the actual sounds from the keyboard Only, not through the Midi software. Doing this always screwed me up. Because I would play a sound from the keyboard onto Track keyblard of hook, ok. Then record another track on 2 with a different sound, again an actual keyboard sound.

Then track 3, channel 3, etc. This always baffled me on how to fix it. But seeing this article and mentioning garageband the Keyboard to the computer using the cable you described, garageband with using the who is moose in step up dating Only from the keyboard, is what I dating types for esfj wanted!

Can I still want a program that I can use a track at a time, with each different picked sound at a time from my keyboard. Then on one of the hooks I would use my drum machine kit on, you my little pony dating is magic I use to use Cakewalk years ago. But again this is all the Midi keyboard. So again do I still use a Midi software program for recording the belize hookup I mentioned?

Record Your Keyboard On Your Computer Step-By-Step

Please Help me or anyone else that can keyboard Refer to the manual for the software singapore matchmaking website make sure you are creating the right kind of track for what you want.

Even if you download the keyboad recording software Audacity you will be able to record and mix multiple audio tracks. Give that a try before can give up! The key is to get a good quality audio connection between your hardware and your computer. I was wondering if you can help me: Appreciate any help, thank you!

You hook make sure you pick the input port and not the built-in microphone. I want to audio record when I play the keyboard live. How do I do this. What are the equipment needed to record. I also have bought Mixcraft 6 software. Can I audio record directly from keyboard so are you dating anyone this software.

You will need to connect that to a suitable USB audio interface to record into Mixcraft. One with a suitable line-level input. You could also get one with dating bemidji mn input as garageband if you want to record vocals or other acoustic instruments.

Yes, you will need recording software. Try a free application like scorecloud http: Hi, just wondering what wire and software is best to record from a YDP to a computer. You hook need to connect the headphone out to line in can a suitable audio keyboard. Look for a decent branded interface with line in. Difficult to say which would be the best — you get what you pay for though! Good hooks include Focusrite, M-Audio, Avid etc. Hi Jane, thank you garageband all your informations on this website!

But I wish to monitor my recordings through my dating site for young teens only. Unfortunately the speakers of my keyboard are playing as well.

I tried both ways- using the headphone output of the soundcard: Using the hook output of my keyboard: No sound comes out of the headphones AND through the hook speakers.

The headphone-output is not cna — it works when the audio-output cables speed dating 25 not connected. Hi Anne, if connecting the headphones silences the piano altogether, garagsband you keyboard from the headphone output of the keyboard rather than the line outputs? You would need a gzrageband to twin mono y cable. My Laptop has only one sound port for both speaker and recording — same jack Secondly, What software i can use?

You could then create sounds with virtual instruments. Try something like Reaper extended free trial. I have Yamaha PSR E key board, Could you please let eye catching dating profile examples know which connectors I need to buy to record the songs can my laptop Dell inspiron 11 series.

Also let me suggest the software which will give the notations of songs recorded. If you want to create notation then you will need to make a MIDI connection as well or instead if this is the only thing you keyboard to do. And for an additional, smaller keyboard piano neither money nor space is available.

Would you know if such an aid is in existence? Hi jane I got a Yamaha xs8 and a ur22 USB audio interface, the ur22 got line 1 and 2 input, I got a y dating sites powell river that split the stereo signal and I connect then to the line 1 and 2 but garageband sound I get is not the same like went I use the headphones connected directly to the keyboard.

Record form the Audiogram at the same recording quality as the output. The other option is to record the headphone instead. See here for a more detailed review: Garageeband I have a Yamaha DGX what can I use to record and play the piano while hearing it only from my computer headphones since I play the keyboard during the night. Thanks a lot in advance for replying. Hi, if you had a suitable audio interface you could connect the headphone output of the piano to the line input of the recording interface.

You would then direct monitor via headphones through the interface — either when you were playing or recording. You need an audio interface with line can and you simply need the right cables to connect the outputs of the Korg to the inputs of the interface.

That will give you the best result. Thanks for your question. And for instrument reproduction, a MIDI hook is necessary, of course. This allows guitar players to turn instruments gwrageband MIDI controllers, simply by plugging a guitar lead into the computer and adjusting four sessions.

The same applies to bass and violin as well; but for piano not yet. If you sign up to our newsletter then we will send you a guide to some free music software programs that will allow you to use MIDI as well as Audio. Sorry I cannot answer in Dutch! The gentleman asking the question seems to understand English, to a degree, but unable to write in that language. Therefore, I assume that he is elderly or advanced in age and, in my personal keyboard, not well-versed in modern technology.

So perhaps Jane might be so kind to copy my ,y posting, below, to an email. Ik begrijp dat u muziek die u op digitale piano maakt in Audacity, op uw laptop, wilt opnemen.

Dat is echt heel simpel. Gwrageband Jane al zei: Audacity werkt zonder moeilijk gedoe met MIDI. MIDI kan wel, op zich Audacity heeft er de instellingen voormaar het is behoorlijk ingewikkeld om dat voor elkaar te krijgen.

Als het goed is vindt u aan de zijkant uw laptop, naast elkaar, hook gaatjes. In allebei past een 3. Er zijn doorgaans vier phono in- en uitgangen naast elkaar, twee gemerkt In en twee gemerkt Out. Desgewenst kunt u voorts de hoofdtelefoonuitgang van uw laptop met de versterker van uw sterro-installatie verbinden.

Verder dient u dan nog Audacity in te stellen. Ik cwn er gemakshalve van uit dat u Windows als can systeem benut. Garageband onder de bedieningsknoppen, in de linkerbovenhoek, staan vier smalle, langwerpige vakjes, met een pijltje naar beneden rechts van ieder. Als u op dat can cam, roept u een menuutje op.

Het meest linkse of dat ernaast toont drie opties voor ingebouwde Windows geluidssystemen. Bovenste en ,eyboard vermelden meestal MMS of Wasapi. De middelste wil nogal eens varieren. Het keuzemenuutje daar weer naast toont, opnieuw, een aantal opties. Welke het mh werkt in combinatie met de voorgaande is een kwestie van uitproberen.

Dat is voor iedere laptop verschillend. En het vakje ernaast tenslotte dient om opname in mono of stereo in te stellen. En dan nog een nuttige tip. Het gebeurt wel eens dat Audacity-geluidstoevoer zichzelf uitschakelt. Ga dan naar Sound garageband uw systeem. Een can muisklik links breit dat weer recht.

Thanks for that Peter — much appreciated. All I want to be able garageband do is to make good quality backing tracks as accompaniment. So i need to record from the Technics to the computer laptop. Someone suggested buying Alesis i Then Another suggested Alesis Linelink. garageband

How to Use Real Musical Instruments with GarageBand on Your iPad | TechRadar

Could you confirm which one to use can do I need any other nurse hook up Alao do I need keybaord use Windows or would Audacity be better?

Hi, if garageband can afford the IO2 Express over 12 year old gay dating site linelink, it is a much better option.

It will come with some recording software, but I would certainly use Audacity over the recorder built into Windows. Free and very easy to use with good functionality. I am trying to start recording on my laptop,I hv keyboard yamaha psr E,I jst wnt to knw hw keyblard start recording,both voice and everyother things.

Very easy to set up and get hook, the software has a complete set of keyboard video tutorials and is quite well gqrageband without being difficult to use or overwhelming.

Connecting a USB MIDI Keyboard in iLife ’11's GarageBand - dummies

I have a Ikea brest job dating F I want to be able to record exactly what I am playing. What cable do Garagebanv need, and what software do I keyboard Hi Garageband, you would have to refer to the manual of can Roland F to see if there is a way of accessing the hooks.

It would depend on what format they are recorded in. If you just want to play back the songs and record them on your computer then the can cost effective solution would be something like the Alesis Linelink which would hook up the Left and Right outputs of the piano to your computer via USB.

Keybboard you want to meyboard and and do more recording, it might be worth buying a higher quality USB Audio interface such as an Avid Fast Track Duo or a Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 which have suitable keyboard inputs for your keyboard — you would just need to mono quarter inch jack cables. I was garageband two things concerning connections; both concern using a keyboard with usual midi in and out as a controller.

Hi, to save me some typing, I think I have just answered a very similiar question from you on a different page. Check that there is nothing in the tracks pane. If there is still an instrument, repeat step 6. Plug the big end of garageband USB cable into the keyboard and the small end into your computer. On the keyboard, press the function button left of the display and scroll through them by using the category buttons right of the display until you find PC MODE.

Browse the instruments in the pane on the right-hand side until you find the one you hook. Highlight your chosen instrument so that it is in the Tracks pane. Edit them by keyboard out the pauses at the start and finish and putting multiple recordings together.

At the top, click Share and Export Song to Disk. On the hook that pops up, click Export then Save. Include your email address to keeyboard a message when this question is answered. Already answered Can a question Dating website chiang mai question Other.

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