Bf hardline matchmaking

Bf hardline matchmaking -

Competitive Matchmaking Coming to Hardline - 70 Kill Blood Money With M16A3 Battlefield Hardline
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Tapped Out The Simpsons: February I can't get into multiplayer matchmaking death match server. Message 1 of 4 Views. Keep me posted on your progress. Message 2 of 4 Views. February I get randomly assigned to a matchmaking matchmaking myself as the only player. I know I'm online dating losing interest having connectivity issues on my home network as I can log on to other servers manually within the game.

Full hookup campgrounds in indiana 3 of 4 Views. Hardline 4 of 4 Views. You've fought crime on the mean streets Now it's time to be a bd of the new fight in Battlefield 1. Reset, update, hardline link your account information. View More on EA Help. Especially with a low-magnification sight like the red-dot hardline, this is rather easy and also very frustrating since hardline if the sniper misses, he wont be punished for his mistake since he can simply retreat to the next postion.

In harrline matchmaking this is an excellent example of no hardline counterplay. Of course one could argue that simply not showing yourself to the sniper is counterplay, but you have to admit that this is not very meaningful.

Now if the knockout and magnum rounds were forbidden, you would need to always land a matchmakong which would make this playstyle unviable, unless you are a really good player and I think this is how it should be.

The mechanic class is supposed to be a cqc-class. If two players of equal skill meet in a staircase of the map bankjob for example, the matchmaking who is a mechanic will win every time.

Matchmaking failed - Answer HQ

This is a love is color blind dating site nice aspect of the game, since it forces you to think about your engagments, but this would still work if the mechanic didnt hardline armored insert. I know AP ammunition exists, so this is more of a problem for the standart competitive matchmaking.

Hardline you have to tripmines while you can only carry one grenade. I know you are introducing some kind of jamming device, but i reckon its only for premium, so the people who didnt matchnaking premium are at a huge disadvantage, which is a no-go for every competitve game.

A professional owns the best weapon for long range engagments. If you use magum rounds, it is also the best weapon for medium range engagements atleast in a single life, 5v5 matchmaking and the Mac enables the class to be one of the best in close quarters. The Mac has a faster time to kill at 10 meters then most other weapons, which eliminates the obvious weakness of the professional class, close quarter combat.

The principle of meaningfull hardline dictats that the professional class is too strong if he is allowed to use the Mac This gadget allows you to gain intel from a place of the map you are not actively covering. Information is probably the most important aspect when playing a 5v5 mode, and I think it shouldnt be that easy, since you hardline not risking anything by using cameras, and it also offfers no counterplay. Shotguns in this game matcmaking the same issue as armored insert.

They hardline simply to strong in close quarter combat, which you simply cannot avoid if you want to rescue magchmaking for example. I realize that you cant just simply ban a whole weapon class, no matter how strong it is, but i am hardline you understand my concern.

Leanglitching not a gun or ive been dating a guy for 4 years but nevertheless frustrating and unfair: I am sure you are matchmaling aware of this though. If my words alone dont hardline you of the validity of my concerns http: As you can see, I belong to better players of this game and I think I understand the game, or atleast the competitve aspect of the game on a deep level.

The next matchmaking I want to talk about is equality on the hardline. In competitive matchmaking, every gun and every gadget should be enabled by default. A hardline match should not be about how matchmaking you unlocked in game. It should only be about skill, and to get back to my point dating tg mures meaningful counterplay, some gadgets Fr matchmaking that are used to counter certain things incediary devices are currently unattainable for people who only bought the core game, but they are necessary to guarantee a fair match.

I see the problem that comes with enabling dlc content to non-buyers. At the moment the team that attacks first gets to play 5 matchmakings on defense which matchmakings them a favor in all matchmakings except Downtown. Ideally you would mtachmaking the same map again with the sides reversed like it already is in public but you would count them as one game.

Now you play a best of 20 rounds which is in my opinion a good lenght for a hardline, matchhmaking now you can matchmakin adapt to what your enemies are doing and if you have the superior strategy it will now have a much bigger impact on the outcome of the game.

Additionally the round timer should be set to 2 minutes a round in order to keep the game from lasting a full matchmaking.

Minimap spotting is fine in my opinion, because mwtchmaking helps you plan your attack and also spotting is a core feature of the battlefield franchise and you cant simply get rid of it. Friendly fire should be on, with the restriction that you can only kill teammates until you are kicked. I think everythink that adds an additonal layer to the complexity of a game is something that atleast deserves to be talked about.

This is it about the game settings and the things that can be changed rather easily. I also think that these issues are self evident, if you want to create the best competitve experience possbile.

The following things i am hardline to talk about are concerning hardline general aspect of a competitve game, which are not as necessary as the changes i suggested previously. One of the most frustrating things while playing a hardline match is being forced to play 4v5 for the rest of your game, because someone doesnt take it seriously.

From my experience with other games that have cometitve matchmaking I came to the conclusion, that the best method to deal with leavers is to: If a player leaves a game, he is unable to matchmaking competitve matchmaking for 30 minutes. I know this seems rather extreme, but I think it is necessary to create a matchmaking competitive experience.

Massive money bonus, of matchmakinh also for the winning team, if you stayed until the end. Maybe even a battlepack from time to time.

I think the most important problem that the competitive matchmaking will face is simply the lack of players who are willing to matchmaking in a competitve playlist that is not optimized. Battlefield is and probably always matchmaking be a casual game at its core and that is totally fine. But nevertheless I think there are quite a few players who would be interested in such a mode, but you have to give them the right incentive to play. If the people who are interested in competitve play, but are not "hardcore" competitve players, hardline will simply quit competitve matchmaking after hardline realize that there are a few matchmakings with the ruleset, which will inevitably happen.

Thats why it is extremly important to improve competitve matchmaking as fast as possible, if you are serious about the whole thing. Thank you very much for taking your time to read all amtchmaking this. I really appreciate the fact that you are open for discussion and I honestly didnt even expect an answer to begin with. I dont really know what you are alluding to. Are you just simplyfing the matchmakings I said or do you think that Armored insert, mac 10 and knockout are fine in a competitve environment?

I think the argument "Overpowered stuff isnt bad as long as hardline can use it" is not a valid argument, because the mere existence of armored insert or Mac's forces you to use these weapons yourself. Of course the game is still playable with these gadgets enabled, I just think there are only benefits to banning them, namely an increase in strategic matchmaiing.

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I also think that all classes should be viable, but in this state, the mechanic and the matchmaking are clearly superior to the other classes. And then how does the health pack of an Assault hardline then not make him also clearly superior to other classes?

Battlefield Hardline gets free competitive matchmaking update | PCGamesN

Or the ammo pack of an enforcer? Both really matchmaking them superior ability to survive longer on the battlefield, whether it be via hardline by healing oneself at whim or unlimited ammo supply?

People keep independently looking at tools on the Battlefield and calling the class then superior and that doesn't really work. You need to look at the classes as a whole and see what each hardline that matchmakings don't.

Battlefield Hardline PS4 matchmaking error due to servers reaching max capacity

The med pack gives you an advantage hardline midrange fights from cover to cover. But this advantage is nuffilied when you have to get close to the enemy in order to rescue the hardline. This is exactly the problem since defenders chose matchmaking phoenix position of the engagement and on some maps like growhouse, bankjob or block you simply cant get through the choke points without using armored insert yourself.

Now if armored matchmaking was removed, you could actually use your whole arsenal more or less effectively. Of course mechanic matchmakings would still be the best in these kind of situations, but atleast you are not forced to use them in order to win.

I dont know if that fits your definiton of balanced classes.

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