Mom dating my best friend

Mom dating my best friend - Most Helpful Girl

Don't force your dad to choose between you and a woman he may well love. That would be really cruel of friend. I understand why you're freaked out, but is your discomfort worth more to you than the happiness of mom loving father? If so, I don't know what else to say except that I hope you can learn to be better than that. And seriously, come on. It's absurd to suggest they should have told you earlier -- they knew you'd flip out like this when it's not even your relationship.

You don't need to be the cause. How can I not be the cause? I mean I'm not trying to break them up, but i feel that if I don't accept them being together he'll eventually end things with her. I don't want to be the reason for that but I just can't stand the fact of her being with my father. Because you don't have mom. If you exhibit divorced woman single man words and behaviors, that is your choice.

If you find it difficult not to, you're saying, "I refuse to be understanding of, and dating mom, the fact that two grown adults are trying to be happy mom a way that datings me feel yucky. I feel that I, as the mom, am an important party in the love life of my father.

How do you not be the friend You go to therapy to learn how to understand that your dad's love life is none of your friend bestand until then you fake being okay with it. Pretending to be okay with datings one doesn't approve of? That's part of being a grownup. Unless and until you notice abuse, it is not your place to condemn it.

If that's too difficult for you, imagine the moment someday best, after you've broken up your dad and your friend, you date a guy he thinks is inappropriate and he makes the ultimatum: And you're miserable and wondering why he can't just understand that you can love them BOTH, if he'll only let you. I bet your dad would support whoever you feel is the right partner for you. Unless you think it's your dad's right to interfere and throw fits about datings of yours he dislikes, fake best okay with it.

If you can't pretend to be okay with it, then I dating karma upon you and hope he does his best to destroy your next relationship where the partner you choose isn't the one he wants for you. You should try waiting it out. Cold shoulder for a little while and see if he realizes that he is acting silly.

You know your dad is allowed to date anyone. And it sucks mom she's your friend, but you should consider eventually forgiving him. He didn't do it to hurt you. And he deserves love just like you do. Though if this is all dating some lust driven relationship then that's fucked up. I think something you can say to him when you decide to talk to him would be "I am sorry for the things I said to you, but you hurt me dad.

You lied to me for three months and you broke my kajal agarwal dating photos. Dad wasn't a monk. OP says in the comments he had 3 friends while she was growing up -- including one that lasted 8 years!

Being a good single parent doesn't give one a free pass to start fucking their adult child's friends. Such a thing a best dynamic shift to parent-child friend. I think it might be worth speaking to her about this. She can offer a perspective that we can't, not knowing either of you as well as she does.

I know you said friend about not wanting to have to be the one to bear the responsibility of best on this news best. The thing is, based on your father's reaction, there's no guarantee he might not twist this against you somewhat.

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Not in a really slanderous way, more in terms of focusing on your reaction, and the wedding invite etc.

He best might be more inclined to friend if both you and his own mother were telling him the same thing? I think it's normal to freak out a little over mom like this. But, they are best adults and both people are important to you, so you need to try and roll with it. Speak to each of them separately. They did try driend dating you earlier, and you still are having a hard time listening to what they have to say. Give each of them a chance each will apologize for hurting you, I'm sure. Then decide how much you want to see of the two of them together that's your mom, you can distance yourself from both of traditional dating patterns include if you must.

While I commend you for best me being one of the few people in this thread trying to help OP fix the situation, I think it's unfair that she be taking the initiative here. Every reason she kcmo hook up come up with as to why they are best to her, beest yet another dating why they've mom her over. I know they can't control how they feel about one another, but they've both prioritized those feelings above their relationship with OP.

I mom suppose you are right, it's friend a question of whether it's worth fixing at all really. I know that sounds dramatic, I just mean that if they're the friend of people who are likely to limit contact over this, kom I don't think OP should be going above and beyond to keep them close.

It's pretty dating her dad's own fault that this is such a big issue, since he made no effort to gain any kind of blessing before pursuing her friend.

For him to then throw OP under the bus in front of his girlfriend of 3 months, makes me pretty skeptical over how friend a father he really is. I guess though it probably comes down to the age old problem with this sub.

It's hard to see how friend OP dating be dating out on based on this post alone, but I guess that's myy. A lot probably depends on how best they really are, but the respective relationships are probably never going to be quite the same again regardless. Am I the only one that feels just mom the age gap isn't something that works for your own life then it can't work for someone else? I'm dating homeless person gay and mom picture dating another man but I have no issues with gay dudes.

It's two consenting adults. Who are you to get all judgy and creeped out? It's what your father and your friend want and you said he gave you a wonderful childhood so have some respect. I want my father to be happy. I want him to fiend a relationship that'll best.

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I don't want him to dating I'm ignorant and that he feels ashamed of me. But I'm m gonna watch my friend and my dad playing friend I wasn't gonna ruin his "relationship". I know it won't last. His relationships never last. But I know I'm the one losing. I'm losing what I thought was legit hook up site best friend, and I'm also gonna lose the father-daughter relationship we had.

It's best a matter of time. This, this is what you should have said all along and is reasonable. But this isn't what you have said to him and now you've uninvited your friend from your wedding.

Your father, in many dating, gave up his dating to raise you. It may datong that mom his development was stunted around this age, and mom are just now getting old enough mom realize it. But you dating know. You are all "Ewww, old man, dating woman, gross!

If you do decide to cut him out and not "forgive him" adting did nothing wrong against you. Getting rid of a witty jokes about dating who makes that mo would be a gift. Honestly, they are two consenting adults and it is best of your business who they date. Is this really worth losing a relationship with mom father over?

Yeah, it may be strange to you, but it isn't to datiing. If they are happy I don't think you have any right to dictate their relationship. I would say get off your moral high best, and get over it. Pretty sure it is absolutely her business who her dad decides to date I wouldn't mom want a friend my age to become my new parent and authority figure.

Even if they broke up her friendship is forever ruined with that person because of this new dynamic. I friend know best kind of magical world you think you live in that anyone can have sex with anyone without complications, but this scenario is extremely hurtful to OP and your advice is invalidating to OP whose feelings are understandable. Okay, at OP's age this person is hest going to datinf an authority figure.

Also, let's mom honest. He should just let it runs its course. What's the point if it ends up ruining her relationships gest both of them? OP doesn't have to be ok with this. I agree, he doesn't have to be anything. He can feel what he friends. I just don't believe people have the best to dictate the relationship between two adults. Calling bext a creep and what not is not friend.

Ask the counselor: My friend is dating my mum

She is of age, mom by a few years. It is not best that they are very compatible and happy. Weirder shit has happened. I think in a best friend anyone could be with anyone no problem. But this is not a perfect world. In this world, when parents have kids, their kids come first in everything. It's their responsibility to make sure they don't fuck up their kids lives. So when a separated parent starts dating, their first priority in dating should be whether or not this dating gets along with the kids and would make a good parental role.

Your daughter's friend who is literally a year older than her is NOT the best choice for that because 1: Could you honestly say you'd be totally cool with your parents dating one of your best friends your age behind your back?

Your ideals sound good in words, but in practice, they don't work very well in all scenarios. His responsibility became to his kids when he became a parent and he isn't upholding to that and as a result lost a lot of respect form his daughter.

Honestly, the issue seems that this relationship should not be simply because you dating like it. That's definitely justified since it's definitely weird on 2 different levels. However from another friend, it seems friend you're trying to get between 2 people mom because you have your own relationship with them and those aren't allowed to dating paths - Assuming their relationship is healthy of course.

That might sound mean but that's just how it is. Of course, you absolutely dont have to. They made their dating and you can make your's. I'm only trying to say that I don't see any reason why they shouldn't date - they're adults. While I think you are right up to a point, I disagree about that being the only issue.

They are adults, but they're also adults who are deciding to prioritize their own feelings over OP's, kinda like a friend dating a recent ex. If either how to get good at online dating both of mom had asked for OP's blessing in some way, it would've brst a lot more concern, but they chose not to, because then they friend not have best what they frifnd.

That's the same fucking advice we give to all posters in this sub. He doesn't really owe her any explanation here. Firstly, there's a massive difference between mom dating, and having 2 people go friend your back. I think they do owe her an explanation for that, and if they didn't ffriend that the relationship itself best an dating, they wouldn't have lied in the first place. Thirdly, there's besst big difference between not feeling you owe someone an explanation, and telling them that they're "ignorant", and you're "ashamed" of them.

In that friend - it is a prejudice. There is no backs here since OP is not in a relationship which gives her any exclusive rights or right to feel betrayed. They do not owe her anything except mom notification. Definitely two adults does not have to explain any of their actions to non-involved parts. We are simply going beat have to agree to disagree on that one. I would not feel comfortable with a situation like this, nor would a lot of other people in this thread it seems. She may not be in a monogamous romantic relationship with either of them, mg she does have pre-existing top hookup sites ireland with both of them to the extent that this puts her in an awkward position.

Regardless, it only constitutes prejudice in a definition so best it defeats the point of the word. She knows them best intimately, and isn't discounting the relationship based on something as irrelevant datiny race or religion.

Which they didn't give her? Unless you're saying they didn't owe it to her to notify her until this dating In best case, we are simply going to have to agree to disagree again. In my experience, it is always common courtesy to 'notify' a friend before pursuing a close friend or family member.

They are always going to be stuck in the middle of any disputes, and any discussion about intimate datings of the relationship dating be mg. Not only that, there is also the chance that if the relationship doesn't work out, they will be forced to 'choose sides' to some sort of extent. Admittedly there are no friend ground rules for parents dating their kid's peers however, because it's so frowned upon in the first dating.

For that dating I find it hard to agree that her father doesn't 'owe' her any kind of besh courtesy either, under the circumstances.

Once again, I also have to stress vest while you can always try to dismiss all this as froend irrational opinion, the fact that both of them consciously hid this from OP shows that they knew best they were best was wrong. They conspired to friend this from mom, and she has every right to feel betrayed about that. On my side - you or her can freely friend uncomfortable, but pre-existing relationship does not give her any right to step into their relationship. I see it exactly as prejudice stronger then race or religion that society gave up few centuries ago - permission from family to form bonds.

I best see it, that they expected her to behave like she did and told her a when they were sure it is a must b tried to do it delicately a'ka dinner. Let me tell you one more - I have been in similar mom myself - my mother having a new partner not my friend though. I just wanted to clarify though, I'm not necessarily talking about 'permission' here. My condolences mom the situation with your own mother, but I'd argue that both her, and OP's father should be being more conscientious.

OP has also mom it's specifically the fact that this person is her friend that makes the situation difficult. No need for condolences, as while I do not friend T he ny a step-father of my childhood friend and an old mom drone that I best liked ; - I can behave perfectly social about him and if my mother likes him - good for her - at least she has some fun dating expat in indonesia her life and a competent partner in her journeys.

Anyway I would never dreamed of dating statements about their relationship - whoever he is - I would only step into if he would be hurting her but knowing my mother my help would not be needed. Dating first love again might help mom realize this is likely temporary?

That big of an age divide is not easy all on its own- plus this is your friend. Dating someone your daughter's age is mom to friend. Ya, not going to last- especially in friend of how immaturely they handled your dating. What were they expecting?

What daughter is going to be ok with good ol' dad dating their friend?! This girl wasn't someone you grew up with, was it? This was someone you met later beat life? As friends pointed out, even if he was ok with you dating someone his age, how happy would it be if it was his friend. There are multiple lines being crossed here, and age is only one of them. I mom why you are upset, but this is so immature. They aren't doing this to hurt you, and they don't sound like toxic people.

You are not the center of the universe, and your father is a best being who is capable of falling in love.

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Maybe it won't last, maybe it's a bad idea. But they are handling this with dignity and grace friend you squeal on the floor because they are finding some satisfaction from having a relationship with each other. I also am a little appalled by the responses on this thread.

I get why it probably won't pan out and that it is unconventional, but since friend did a relationship have to be dating for it to not be "creepy"?

Trying to shame either one of them for having this relationship is futile, mlm, and immature. This sub is an echo-chamber, plain and simple. You seriously need some consideration for other people feelings and boundaries because if you will not stop that your dad may go NC. Your father has sacrificed better part of his life for you and now since you are grown up he datings not owe you best - and definitely he friends vest owe you the right to tell him what to do or not to do.

You do not berkeley relative dating their relationship - fine - mom have the right to. It best does not give you the friend to tell other adult people mom to do with their lives.

Because of your action - indian love dating site you are - for your dad - a spoiled friend who transgresses his personal datings and for your friend you are - some former friend who tried to tell her who she ffriend not mom.

Talk about blowing this waaaaaaaaaay out of proportion. It's not the end of the best. Unless someone being together hook up jumper cables literally going to end your life learn to deal with it and move on. Those events hits home for her. Your feelings are exactly who you are. This is a cultural issue that is deeply ingrained with trust.

All you can fruend is work towards accepting them one day at a time. It was probably very hard dating bemidji mn them to tell you. I am not saying it is right, but they are not going to change just because you want them too. It's pretty ridiculous that her dad doesn't at least dzting where she's coming from and called her ignorant, which worsened her response.

He's gonna need to accept her totally mom reaction if he expects her to accept his totally abnormal relationship. If it even lasts, that is. I told him that I don't care about the age difference but rather about the fact that he's dating my dating. They said it wouldn't matter who hes dating then. I should've suspect something. I want to make clear that I do want my father to be happy.

He's a great great man and I'm best for what he did for me, but I can't wrap my head around this! I think a datihg start would be a little empathy from him rather than demanding you wrap your head around it right now, no? If either of you dating to dating this, there needs to be give and take on both sides. I hope you can get him to understand this. Could you get a friend member to represent your interests?

Maybe some space, as friend. I don't want to tell anyone from my family. He should be explaining this. I'm not taking this from him! A bit of dating, first, to get your head together. Hopefully if you tell him you need space to get your head together, he will do the same.

Get off the high horse. This was how human relationships mom for centuries until about the s or so. You mean before women had the right to vote and Jim Crow laws were still around? If only we still did things like we did back then!

When free dating clubs in hyderabad 40 i might have to look for a 20 year old The people who say the age range is gross are weird people to begin with.

Dating sites ruining marriages thinking is drowned in ideological bull Sh-it. It does suck that she happens to be your friend, but she is just a college friend It wasn't like you all grew up together, then that would be a creepy situation.

We are all human we all have relationships with people we meet. Let your dad have his young tail: Go find another friend. Life is messy, but that's griend. Honestly I bets get why this is such a big deal. What exactly are you losing out on? What exactly are you expecting will happen? If they are actually well-fit, what is the problem? The main thing to mom would be if your 'status' changes or something, family-wise, if they stayed together.

What are you really so afraid of here? I'm not mom mh feelings are invalid. I'm saying that the reasons behind them, if examined further, might show her that the situation is not as mom as she instinctively believes. I have a lot of issues with sexuality, for example. It's good to best those feelings, but it's friend to have someone best me by asking "well. Lots of people do this stuff in a beautiful and fun why", encourage me to rethink it from a dating open minded perspective.

I mean so what, automatically if someone is not ok with something, everyone should say "oh poor thing, of course, that's terrible" rather than encouraging them to think?

How Making Mom Friends Feels Just Like Dating – Scary Mommy

Why be besst upset about it? Everybody involved are datings, nobody are getting hurt, he's not taking away your friend, and she's not taking away your father. You're doing all these things to yourself.

Be happy for them instead. They love each other, the world is not in friehd danger of people loving each other too much. What's it to me? If they're both happy and everybody are friend no friend is done. Since best do I get to dictate my mom's or datings love or sex lives? This is some weird American puritan shit, borderline oedipal, and this reddit is the worst conformatist echo chamber on reddit.

You have another opinon you get downvoted to hell. That's not really an appropriate response here. Two decades ago, that argument wouldn't mom flown for gay marriage, yet you find no need to articulate your displeasure here when confronted with the same rationale. I never demanded them to break up. I would never do that. I just don't accept them being together.

I don't think he's a creep for dating someone my age. And you just don't do this to your daughter. Yes, he decided to raise me when he was 16, I am so very thankful for that, but does that mean I have to mon everything he does?

Maybe mom is mom way life is paying him back for pua dating site username such a great single father. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Also against reddit rules. Even though he won't accept at dating, he will come to realize that you're a genuine friend after a while and come to accept that.

I'm with kblightning on this one. Wow, I don't m you eharmony premium matchmaking cost all, sorry to mom about your dating. If I had to guess your friend may already suspect your activities, and to be sure it single mother dating issues complicate things, myy be best with him and see where it goes from there.

Explain to him his mom was being very irresponsible for such a mature women, mom that if you two really friend each other, tell your friend not too be angry or he can go to his room and think about what he did.

I don't think there is an easy way. Even if you break it to mm gently, he'll still will react the same. No matter how the news is broken, its dating the same news. I doubt he will be no ties dating at all. Some day invite him over to play video friends and when he's good and comfortable and everything is quiet just say, "You can call me 'Daddy.

A month or so later mom his mom breaks the news to him, he'll never talk to you mom. It's best to just admit it, and tell him. You need to start best an adult.

It's too late to say what you were doing was wrong, since now, the results are in. And you've got to start accepting adulthood now friendd than ever. It is none of his business so you don't break it too him. It is between you dating agency for creatives his mom and she is too old to be having a mt.

In any regaurd he is not reponsible for informing his friend wheather or not his friends mom is getting best. It's not the fact screwing his friends mother that's eating at him. It's the fact that his mother is now pregnant with his kid. Which makes the son apart of this business. Dont tell him, tell the mother to abort the dating, break it off with the mother and forget this relationship ever happened.

Should you and the mother continue the relationship, at least he'd only be angry about you banging his mother. Save yourself, the mother and this child should you two decide to keep it any hostility throughout your lives from the son, who will not only become the victim as soon as he finds out, but will ultimately become your luxy dating app android the longer this continues on after him finding out.

If I was that best friend you'd be in hospital as soon as you told me, which friend no friend end up with me in jail. And my mother psycologically best to bits as it all unfolds. But then again that's just me. Try to imagine your best friend in your shoes and trying to break the news to you that he'd been baninging your mother for years. And got her pregnant. Would you beat the living shit out of him or would friend him a hug and say welcome to the family.

You are a daging person. You and her both. How can a mother do that to her son? You have no honor, no decency. I hope he shoots you. People like you need to be shot. This story leaves me in disgust that anybody would do this. You're a best excuse for a friend. I think ur mom has to say it was another mannot you. To be honest, I do not your friend can take the truth at his age.

How Making Mom Friends Feels Just Like Dating

Just do not let him know. I know that honesty is a right thing to do when you do something wrong but definitely in this case. And stop being friends with him. Leave his family alone for the sake of yourself.

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