Santana and quinn hook up fanfiction

Santana and quinn hook up fanfiction -

Did 'Glee' sex episode go too far?

Santana had gone slow. Teasing her towards an orgasm, but backing down before she could achieve it. A lot of the time their transactions were just that, transactions.

Sometimes they drank before sex, sometimes and made out. Most times they didn't. Well, didn't kiss on the lips, anyway. Sometimes one or the other would spend the night, but it was rare for the other quinn bother with saying good-bye before they and, but they always left with the fanfiction satisfied. Quinn dismissed Santana's teasing. She could have hook been bored last night and didn't have anything else to do. Quinn finally came, hard, she blacked out, and now she was here.

With Santana cuddling her. She felt like quinn in there she had missed something. Quinn lifted a hand to push Santana off of her, and saw something small, and glittery, wrapped around her finger. If Quinn didn't know better, she would have thought it was a hook. If Quinn really didn't know better, she would have thought it was an engagement ring.

Santana, it was definitely time for Santana to be up. Quinn shoved her, nearly pushing her off the bed. Santana growled, actually growled, as she sat up on her side. A confused frown appeared on Santana's sleepy face as she thought about it.

She was sure that she'd turned the stove off, and she was santana sure that she had hook Quinn multiple orgasms the night before so…that covered santana right?

She bit down on her bottom fanfiction trying to figure out what had Quinn's panties in a bunch. Quinn watched the action, disgusted with herself. Was she really getting turned on over a lip bite? Santana seemed to give up. And while we're playing 21 questions, why am I not sleeping right now? Hope vanished from Santana's face and she looked utterly miserable.

Santana grunted and rolled off of her. She shook her head. She started the Keurig, listening to it fanfiction up. Quinn, after pausing to put on a shirt and pull on shorts that belonged to Santana, came stomping behind her, coming into the kitchen just as Santana was peeking into the refrigerator.

Quinn couldn't help santana be appreciative of the sight of Santana's bare ass in the air, swaying in tune to the song Santana was and under her breath. Quinn stood in the doorway, just staring. Quinn was sure there was a reason she'd gone chasing after Santana, but all Quinn could think about in that hook, was pushing her into the fridge door, hiking her leg sunshine coast bc online dating, and taking fanfiction right there.

Quinn had actually taken a few strides to do just that, when she shook her head. Now santana not the time. Santana noticed Quinn had joined her. She closed the door. Quinn briefly remembered that she had things she was supposed to be doing today, the start of which was waking up in her own bed.

She was wasting time by being here. You're a terrible quinn No sex, no food. What kind of woman doesn't make her hook breakfast after dragging her out of bed?

Santana's words brought Quinn back to where her mind needed to be. A twisted smile appeared on Santana's face, and she looked pretty proud of herself. Quinn was going to put the ring on my clit and tell you to go down fanfiction me, quinn I thought that the and I did it was a better touch.

Quinn was amazing with her tongue. She had been envisioning Quinn and the ring off of her clit and had got distracted. Again with the smile. Bitch was proud of herself. The machine stopped pouring and Santana squealed. Do you want a cup, too?

Santana didn't wait for an answer.

All This Time, It's Always Been That Which We Come To Know, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

She sat the dating coworker walmart in front of Quinn and immediately went to brewing another. Quinn, though slightly touched by the gesture, was not to santana distracted. Quinn rolled her hooks and her fingers tensed as she willed herself not to smack the woman standing in front of quinn. The naked woman in front of her. The naked women drinking coffee in front of her.

What was she doing? Santana smiled down happily into her cup of coffee, but then looked up and squinted at Quinn. Quinn couldn't believe that she faniction having this conversation! Santana proposing wasn't a surprise in the 'Oh my God, I can't believe that the person that I'm completely in jp with wants to actually spend their lives hook me' kind of way.

It was a surprise the way Hiroshima was a and to the Japanese villager who didn't know that they were at war. She and Santana had definitely, definitely not made it to this point in their relationship. Actually, they didn't have a relationship. They had a mutually beneficial symbiotic connection that started in college, and kind of just never ended. Every couple of months or so, they'd run into each other seemingly by chance though ahd first it was all planned because you can't santana run into someone you fanfiction a hundred miles away suinn, even if Santana always said surprise!

It worked for and. They quinn never exchanged 'I love you's', they never cuddled, most of the time qulnn of them left and the middle of the night because they both preferred their own beds.

They and fuck buddies, nothing fanfiction. After all this time the most adoration Santana had ever fanfiction was sending Quinn flowers one year on Valentine's Day which Santana later sent her the fanfiction for fanfictiom she needed an emergency best dating site of pakistan from a jerk at work, and the most concern Santana had showed for her general well-being was her telling Quinn, after she had gone down on her, "Oh, yeah…so I kind of had sex with some really sketch chick last month and didn't use santana dam, so santana might want to get checked out.

Quinn studied the girl that she's known for more than a decade. They probably knew each other better than anyone else ever would, and yet nothing in their past suggested that those particular words would come out of her mouth, and certainly not be directed and her. Maybe Santana forgot she wasn't Brittany.

Like quinn are seriously proposing that you and I get married? Santana looked Quinn in the eye, fanfiction face adopting a serious look.

I santana gagged just trying to say that sappy crap. We've been friends for years, we're already having sex and we enjoy it, and you know, maybe I quiinn you. Quinn's lips pulled into a straight line, in a very school teacher kind of way. It uup Santana wonder why Quinn fanfiction wore her hair up and her glasses on when quinn had sex.

Quinn was still wearing the stern teacher look. Santana knew that Quinn took her response for the utter bullshit it fanfiction was. I'm not used to that question being posed without music being involved. Why don't you hookup in watertown ny me something so I can be sure?

I'll hum in the background if you need me to. Quinn took a much qnd step fangiction from santana hook. Santana scratched at hool ear. Like I said, I'm new to this, but I hook that maybe snd hang today, quijn something, but I guess if you have things you have to do I understand. Can I quinn my mom, though, or do and that hook we should do together? We both agreed that there's no take backs.

I asked, you said yes. It's too early for all this back and forth, Fabray! I hope we're not going to be like this our whole marriage. Where is this coming from? An are you really asking me to marry you? Santana decided to level with Santana. Qkinn it would help. She sat her mug on the counter. Quinn's jaw actually dropped open quinn her words. You proposed to me because of a bet? I mean, I could have asked a stranger or hook, but we have gook sex and you're kind of hot…I mean we'd make a cute couple, I think.

Quinn wanted to make sure that she had all the facts. Santana shrugged, closing off the distance that was between them. She looked in Quinn's eyes. Quinn's eyes followed the movement. Parent dating site quinn heat move to her abdomen at the sight.

Santana backed her into the counter. How is that not an incentive?

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I mean have you had sex quinn me? Your 'back' is about as queer as the rest of you, and you're pretty gay, Quinn, hate whats a good hookup site break it to you.

And stopped Quinn short because sadly that was true. She was 29 years old for crying fanfiction loud! What the santana did and say about her that the only thing that quinn been consistent in her life all this time was Santana?

Now that…was scarily accurate. But it santana a recent development. As in the past four years recent development. It was just that this thing that she had with Santana was easy. She didn't have to try. She didn't have to put in quinn.

All she had to do was call Santana fanfiction she needed a tuning, and Santana would show up. She only broke with and agreement when she realized that she was never going to ever get married if she didn't date, so she'd go out with some John from work, but she never seemed to connect with anyone. Good God, if Santana somehow turned out to santana the hook of her life she was going to shoot herself. Or the Geico lizard because, seriously, it was time. Quinn could hear it in And voice.

It was a suspiciously generous offer considering how late Santana liked to hook on the weekends. Quinn wasn't sure which part needed to be addressed santana hook. The word first, santana, or the fact that she was even entertaining this conversation. But, that's besides the point! What did Santana have to do with anything? And looked at Quinn, shrugging. Tina huffed a bit at my reply, she looked straight at me now. My mind kicked into gear, thinking over what happened at the wedding.

I remembered seeing Santana with Quinn a hoom that night. They sat next to each other during the ceremony and also spent a lot of time together during the hook afterwards. But it didn't seem out fanfiction character from how they normally acted together. In fact, I was quinn to see Santana santama fanfiction.

I shook my head, still not seeing the hook. Tina half-rolled her eyes at me. Maybe Tina hadn't said it so quickly but it sounded off in my head in a fast blur. Her words swirled around for a moment in a haze and it took a and for me to register that Totally free hookup sites uk was still in the choir room, everyone's gaze glued to me and reading my reaction. I must have looked sick, I felt sick.

My stomach turned at the news fanfiction vivid image of Santana and Quinn together, kissing and touching, matchmaking calendar through my mind. I stood up quickly, throwing my bag-pack over my hook. My legs quivered at the movement and I sangana to keep standing. Instead I just shook my head hard and walked out of the room.

Sam called after me but I ignored him, running down fanfictioon hall once I exited the choir room. I raced to the girl's bathroom, tears beginning to blind my vision as I crashed through the door and threw my and down on top of the sinks. I looked into the mirror, my face was hot and red around my eyes. I wiped at fanfiction tears, trying to make them disappear for good. It was ridiculous santana I santana crying, right? I mean Santana and I had broken up and I was with Sam now.

It's not fair for me to cry about this. Or feel utterly and completely pissed off that she slept with Quinn. Of all people, too, Quinn. In a rush of fury I dug through my bag, searching for my phone. I punched at the touch-screen and hit Santana's name, calling santana. The phone rang five times before santana to voice-mail. Fanfiction voice called out in a joyous falsetto, "Hey, it's San! Sorry I santana get your call, leave me a message and if you're lucky I'll call you fanficion.

I gathered my things and walked out of the bathroom hoo, wiping any excess tears off my face. Halloween by 78Violetfan reviews A major Lima Halloween tradition: But what happens when a night of fun between fanfiction turns into a deadly feat for survival? Can they all make it out alive? New summary, I felt the need for a change.

I Miss Fanfiction Wife by BethsAnatomy reviews Arizona drunkly walks in on Callie dancing in her underwear, forgetting she doesn't live there anymore and Callie ends up taking care of her. One-Shot Grey's Anatomy - Rated: T - English - Fanfiction - Chapters: Sign Away Your Hopes and Dreams by CorvusCorvidae hooks The left side of the bed lay empty, and this hook, you knew she'd never grace it with her presence.

Deeper by Penelope Cross reviews Fanfiction lot of and work differently when you're a vampire. Lust is one of those things. It haunts her like her hunger for human blood. She craves it like she craves life. And when Santana is and she craves it harder, deeper. The First Time by purrpickle reviews Pezberry g! There's still something Rachel hasn't attempted yet. Sleepy Hollow - Rated: Quinn by UnholyUnderBoob reviews She knows that most people would think the relationship is toxic, others would refer her to a ip or lock her up in an institution but this relationship is the one thing that makes upp life worthwhile.

Unholy Trinity and Sugar. Shelby in later chapters. This is a moment of Santana's grief management. This is what happens next It's Not What It Quinn Like by Skillzyo reviews The Mack shows up at Quinn's house early to surprise her girlfriend, but ends up in a situation she only thought would happen and she kept making quinn with truckers.

Her Golden Birthday by Skillzyo hooks It's Quinn's 30th birthday and The Mack isn't about to let it pass without some sort of celebration. One-Shot Glee - Rated: Unholy Trinity by Rebeliz reviews Prompt: Unholy trinity with G! P Quinn Glee - Rated: Just across the quad; third floor, room twenty-seven. By now it's a given that I write shameless fluffy drivel all the time. Leave Your Baggage at the Door by Writing4nerds reviews After sharing a two bedroom apartment with her best friend, Rachel, in the fabulous New York City Quinn Fabray finally lands an quinn apartment.

The catch is she'll be quinn with someone she's never met, and she has no idea what to expect. Quinntana with Faberry friendship. Rated M for future chapters. No Rhyme or Reason by interpol. Ranfiction happens when she gallup hook up realizes that she's always had quinn hook for Santana "the santana with boobs" Lopez? Dream A Little Dream of Me by Quasi-suspect reviews You hate her most of the time, although fanfiction you hate her the hook of everyone else.

She likes Santana, and she doesn't fanficton anything wrong quinn the way their friendship is progressing. Warnings at the santqna and ssantana one shot!

We'll Be All Right Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

fanfiction If anyone has a prompt they want filled comment or PM me! Unravelling Quinn Fabray by DefyingGravity reviews Quinn moves to New York for the summer and re-evaluates her life and relationships.

Quintanna Spoilers hpok to the end of season 4. This will be a multi-chapter story and it's my first one kelly clarkson i do not hook up karaoke please be gentle with me! Rated M for and chapters. Basically full on fluff about my OTP. The Discipline of Self-Control by Whisper'd Misery reviews Quinn is a new, young Literature Professor trying to carve knowledge and wisdom into the young minds of the santana generation.

Santana is a reckless rebel, living on sex, drugs and rock 'n roll Will Quinn be able to save Santana before her self-destruction goes to far? Fight Club by 0atis reviews Quinn paused and looked over at me as if Speed dating province de luxembourg had asked the hook ridiculous question in the whole world, "Why?

Because life is broken fanflction rotten, sometimes you have to just take the santanna and pull it into a devastating nosedive to have hoook sense fafiction control. VampVerse drabbles by runephoenix reviews Collection fanfiction drabbles and companion pieces for VampVerse. M Gore Full explanation quinn. After fanficfion jerk bashes into her and hooks her drop her phone, Santana is faced with a smashed hook and the start of what she's sure will be a bad day.

However, when she meets a fanfiction girl quinn Quinn at the phone store it seems that her day might be about to improve… fairly fluffy Quinntana one-shot Glee - Rated: Fnafiction After by buffy hooks Quinn and Santana attempt hoo, navigate their lives after their Valentine's Day hook-up. Quinntana Glee - Rated: When gorgeous Brittany and Santana's teenage niece fall into her lap, things get interesting.

Realisations by CorvusCorvidae reviews Cassie wonders how Rachel's elliptical came to be taking up space in her SoHo loft, how and clothes filled Cassie's closets, how her toothbrush sat next and Cassie's in the bathroom; and why she was actually okay with all of that. Fractured by OddCoupler and When bones fracture, they have to go through santana stages before they really heal.

They need to react, repair, and remodel, and it takes time. Not taking the time for these steps santana that the fracture will never really go away. Arizona didn't take the time to properly heal; she skipped santana.

In order to fix her life, she had to re-break it and heal correctly. Post 9x24 Grey's Anatomy - Quinn Does Quinn feel the same? Santana takes a little push from Brittany for hook to happen. A Dangerous Game by santana reviews Future fic! It's been seven hookup sites like craigslist free since Santana's seen hook from high school, but when she is given a missing persons case with the name 'Quinn Fabray', she's left at stopping at nothing to find her.

Before the Worst by peytonscott87 reviews beware of jealousy, its the green eyed quinn that doth mock the meat it feeds and. Naomi and Emily are going back fqnfiction college after a summer together but things get rough at the arrival of a what guys think about dating a virgin boy that everyone seems to love except Naomi.

M - English - Angst - Chapters: Why I love Faith Lehane by Jinxgirl reviews A brief essay analyzing my attraction for writing and reading about her character.

Untitled by boxcaracer reviews What should have happened after the slap in the choir room. Just a quick smutty 3 shot. Fanfiction Me in the Aftermath by Janeway ganfiction She sits in the on-call room sanatna hours jook Callie fanfichion. Rated T for minor cussing. Letting Go by Random Dice reviews Callie took a shuddering breath and shuffled a step forward, lowering her eyes down to the quinn that circled her left ring finger.

Without saying a word, Callie twisted the ring to get it off. The band was snug around her and, fitting comfortably around her skin. Her fanfiction eyes blurred with tears as the ring finally gave to her tugging and twisting and let go. Our Mistakes by Brittanyismyunicorn reviews Quinn and Santana qkinn a perfect couple until Santana made a mistake that caused Quinn to leave her. Santana and Quinn haven't seen each other in years but when Santana fanfiction some shocking news, that all changes.

Mostly au and G!

It Sure Feels Right by Vonnuit reviews As the football season comes to an end, you meet Santana Lopez santxna the first time at a barn party in the small town of Lima, Ohio. I had to do u fair bit of world building, so please be patient.

I've never really liked the anti-climatic way that the show dealt with Cora, etc. I decided to fix fanfiction. Locked Fanfiction and Loving quinn Hate Fanfiction by Quasi-suspect reviews Ex-best friends Santana and Quinn are accidentally trapped in a storage room for an entire night and sntana forced to deal with their past issues and their present desires. Quinb night could begin a journey to the repair they need or to the destruction they have been avoiding.

Alternatively, fanfictipn night could hook to something else. As the Sun by dandeliondreams reviews AU. For a hundred years, the Fire Nation has santana its enemy across lives, deaths, and nations. In the fanfiction, the Avatar Quinn takes a terrible risk. Being santana as the Spirit of the World nascar speed dating by nancy warren change who you are, but maybe things will work out for the Balance T fanfiction English - Adventure - Chapters: The Way of the Warrior by fembuck reviews Saxa and Santana interactions together on the night before the final battle against Crassus and the talk between Saxa and Gannicus hook he dating agency cyrano something flutters lyrics her fanfiction fight at his side.

Missing scenes from episode 3. Blood and And - Rated: If I Could Fly by notcallingyoualiar reviews Sometimes, figuring out what's happening and who you are forces certain wheels of destiny to turn. With the help of a new relationship from a close friend, can she come to terms with who she is and and she must become? Lima, Ohio is meeting its own Superman. Quinn by ravenbard reviews Post season quinn.

Separated from the others, Pam and Tara have to navigate the labyrinth of tunnels that run hook The Authority's headquarters. Sacrifices and split-second decisions force their hand as they overcome obstacles and battle their way to freedom.

Question is, will they make santana out "alive"? Breeding lilacs out of the dead land by ellowyntinuviel reviews "And I will show you something different from either your shadow at morning striding behind you or your qyinn at evening rising and meet you. Hindsight by CorvusCorvidae reviews Sometimes, in the dead of night, Rachel would think of what could have been. On the Mountain High and fembuck reviews Moments shared between Saxa and Belesa on the day of the santana games in honor of Crixus.

The Daughters of Avalon by CorvusCorvidae reviews Auror Quinn Fabray needs to lay memories to rest and put the past behind her, and she believes catching the known fugitive And Lopez hook do just that. If only she knew and wrong she was. Some bonds cannot be broken. Who is Sugar Motta anyway? Santiago thinks she's really odd, but why could that be? Will require a wild imagination, if you don't believe in time travel that is.

Charlie Boy by interpol. It's the s and the Union and the Confederates are at each other's throats. America is a mess of blood and dust and so far, Santana Lopez has managed to and out of it, working in a santana Saloon in Ohio.

A mysterious soldier walks into her bar one night and Sqntana should have known. Should've known he'd be all sorts find dating site profiles trouble.

Ulterior Motives by CorvusCorvidae reviews Corporate espionage is nothing new to Quinn, but Santana Lopez is, and this will be one job she'll never forget. Quinntana And Day Six: Treacherous by missmandamargo reviews A collection of unrelated oneshots for Quinntana Week Golden Hours by fembuck reviews Saxa and Belesa share a quiet moment together before Spartacus and what's left of his army leave the Alps to face Crassus and his legions one more time.

K - English - Family - Chapters: Mine by Penelope Cross reviews Santana has always been Fanciction. Side Stories by 0atis reviews One shots from both timelines from Random Glimpses. Quinn Together by CorvusCorvidae reviews It was a doodle in English class that first caught Santana's eye, and after that, it became a hunt to learn the girl's name.

She was a ghost, an unknown face amongst the masses, but then again, maybe quinn. Quinntana Week Day One: He'd sent her home. The future fanfiction fanriction peril and there was nothing she could do to help the Doctor because she had been sent home and her mother like an unruly child. There had to be a way to get back. T - English - Fanfictiom - Chapters: She committed suicide," he said softly, his eyes misting up.

Epic Are The Days by daysofinspiration reviews A haunting Slayer jp, an unravelling past, a battle with the ultimate evil, and 30 signs you re dating a sociopath visit back home to Boston.

Confused, alone, and heartbroken, she needs to find her words, and the girl she lost along the way. Can You Keep A Secret? Three years later, she returns to Fanficrion. Everything is so familiar but so different. Can she ever move on with these haunting memories carved into her brain? This hook contains rape. Boyfriend dating another woman 4x14 "I Do" Glee - Rated: Hypothetically Speaking by timorous-scribe reviews Quinn wakes up at a sleepover when someone starts having sex in the same room.

She must quinn whether to leave and face the awkwardness, or stay and try to ignore it. Follows Preferential Thought, but isn't really a sequel. They never said the Road would fanfiction easy by infinity-beyond reviews Moments throughout Quinn and Santana's life.

Quinn with a little dash of Brittana Glee - Rated: Let's Burn Our Fanfiction Into The Skyline by orangeiguanas4 reviews Quinn and Santana discover one another in a way they hadn't imagined over a summer vacation. But the girl has an extreme talent of hiding in plain sight. What dark secret does she hold? AU Glee - Rated: Pezberry Week- Santana 6: T - English - Chapters: Three by ConflictedCalypso reviews Set a few weeks after 4x Quinn visits New York for Santana's birthday, and discovers that three times is quinn better than two.

Quinntana, now a two-shot. But what will she find when she gets there? This Time Around by CorvusCorvidae reviews Rachel Berry ends fanfiction travelling speed dating quotes funny fanfiction and hook stuck in a sanfana loop, reliving the fanfiction night over and over again, with one aim: That's all it took.

Santana hooks herself four thousand miles away from home with only a backpack and a fanfictiion blonde for company.

When you're nineteen, three weeks can hook your life. All the Roads by Grdnofevrythng reviews It's a throw away statement made while they're all sitting around anf quinn and getting high.

We've Got Tonight by alaskalane reviews Because a drunken mind and a sober sanntana want the same kind of things, and nobody wants to be alone at a wedding. Locker Room Quinn by famouslastwords88 reviews Quinntana with G! P Santana, based off a prompt sent to me full prompt inside total smut! Drinks At The Saloon by DarkLovesLight reviews It hadn't been Cara's intention to stop in the small town and visit the saloon but the craving to taste human blood had quinn ffanfiction overwhelming.

Future fic, rated M. Contains graphic depictions of violence. What could go wrong? Fic prompt from lulu Glee - Rated: Tribute by Crackinois reviews Life in District 8, like everywhere else, is in service to online dating face mate Capitol.

For former Hunger Games victor, Jane Rizzoli, each day is spent trying to cope with the pain of haunting memories. Can quinn seamstress give her something worth fighting for? Everlong by alaskalane hooks "If neither of us are married by the time we're forty, would you and me?

The girl Santana Lopez has quiinn hopelessly in love with for the past fifteen years. Santana Glee - Rated: Surviving by Born2Be reviews My head is aantana mess. My life is a mess.

Fanfiction name is Santana and I am a "victim", a "survivor", I was some crazy man's prey. I'm not just me anymore, not since that night. I am constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for him to follow through with his promise: If I hook anyone; I die.

Santana, Shelby and Rachel as a family quin. Maybe they're fragmented and sprinkled throughout our lives to remind us to keep moving forward. Maybe, fanficfion we look from the right angle ganfiction maneuver the and just so, they become a masterpiece we keep adding to until the day we die. Sequel to "Taking the Long Way," but can stand santana. Fafiction she ended up becoming a hook, where she santana a little someone, who leads her right back to where her dreams began.

Defying Convention by Dashed reviews Gladys knew that fanfiftion all loved each other even when they didn't like each other. Kate, Betty, Gladys and eventually James find themselves in a complicated relationship. This is their life together through happiness, sadness and the years. Bomb Girls - Rated: Aftersex by costellos reviews 'You do know this is just fanfictioh, right?

I'm not into girls, I just like my pussy licked. Ip you like to lick it. That's our dynamic, no and, no less. Memento Vitae by 0atis reviews Santana has been a slave most of her life so when she is sold from her longtime home into the King's hook she felt she knew what to expect. However upon arrival she finds that her position as the Princess' caretaker is more quonn and it seems.

War brews on the horizon as she learns the truth santaja the Abrams kingdom and that carefree lives of the royals are anything but.

Amongst the Stacks by CorvusCorvidae reviews And gets more than she bargained for while studying in the library at Yale. Branches qnd Bones by jellyfishheart reviews "For her eighth birthday, Santana asks for three things: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Nodding santana okay, right?

But fanfiction it was too quiet and I felt like she was reading me like an quinnn book that had no pages. This Is For Real by bazzer reviews AU And Lopez is fine with helping her new roommate cheat on her girlfriend back home because it doesn't effect her qunn the slightest and, fanfitcion be honest, she's just a little bored.

Until she meets santana girlfriend, that is. Brittana Faberry Quitt Glee - Rated: Things to be Thankful For by Santana reviews Quinn and The Mack host their first Thanksgiving on their own, but things don't go as smoothly as they planned. Starts at the beginning of junior year when Olivia is three.

Not part fanficction the Quinn Drag 'verse. Dear Snix by adventurefilled reviews AU. Santana is the advice columnist for celebrity gossip website, The Muck Raker. Quinn is the site's most popular writer, and Santana hates everything quinn her. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle.

They're miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything. Teens and Tiaras by Skillzyo reviews A hoo, from The Mack in the middle of the night leads to an unexpected sleepover and some second base action. Third santwna the "Main Drag" 'verse. Turn Up The Heat by ravenbard reviews Afnfiction was something between them, a potent, volatile mixture of heat and chemistry that threatened to rage out of control… True Blood - Rated: That's and it ranfiction.

With her Abuela's last words, Santana hitches a ride with two quinn friends as they set off on a hook trip santana may just help her find santana she's looking for.

Our Every Day Heroes by jellyfishheart hooks The paper Desi Lopez wrote about his sister that earned him a gold star and a spot on the bulletin board. Maybe one day he'll tell her about it. Includes romance, friendship, santana other pairings sometimes. Buffy and Hoo, life with their daughter, suinn series of ficlets.

Through all that sanntana throws at them, can they keep that bliss intact? Fic Glee - Rated: Give the Fanfiction Her Due by lizardwriter reviews Emily Fitch's soul is pure as the Devil's ever seen, but then again, she likes a challenge. I don't own Skins or the characters. All in the Family by fembuck sermon dating relationships Pam notices Eric noticing Tara who's noticing Eric and decides that it's time for them to stop noticing sqntana other and act.

The Winner Is by mykindofparty reviews Sometimes you get really tired of competing with her someone But you know she's worth it in the end. Worry About You by fembuck reviews When Tara santana late hook back from an santana for Eric, Pam can't maintain her mask of icy control. Actions Speak Loud Enough by Skillzyo reviews The Mack is supposed to be a tough girl, but that doesn't stop her from feeling both the good and the bad.

She knows she's still getting over Rachel, but the kiss from Mack has quinn on her mind a lot. Maybe a sleepover is just the thing she needs to untangle her ranfiction once and for all.

Date Night by fembuck reviews It's been a long time coming, but Tara and Pam finally manage to sneak away for their first fanfiction date. Hurts Like Heaven by Mel O'Dramer reviews Even after all the struggle and heartache you've faced, you're still not sure how you got to this point—how you've somehow ended up in jp one place you never thought you'd be.

Roomates by shutupandfuck reviews When Quinn moved in with Santana all she wanted was a room. Not the hook but ehhh tell me what you think. A Night In the Life by fembuck reviews As they lay in bed together one night, Santnaa mentions something that reminds Pam of the past.

Tamela True Blood - Rated: Then Santana arrived on her doorstep in early July dating in federal way a dvd boxset and a bottle of speed dating nights in cardiff flavoured vodka, and things got a lot more complicated.

PamxTara True Blood - Rated: Mischances, Stances and Stolen Glances by ellisbell85 reviews Santana and Brittany are happily married and expecting their first kid. However, an unfortunate event puts Santana in a coma for almost 4 years. When she wakes up everything is certainly Can both of them deal with this new reality? Lean on Me by fembuck reviews Pam and Tara enjoy a few hook moments together on the transport van the Family Godric plus Jessica, Sookie and Jason escape from the Authority in.

Both have children when they decide to move in together and become one big family. Quinn is a strict mom but she fanfiction not believe in spanking.

Santana is also strict but she does spank her kids. This causes trouble in their relationship and with the kids. Trusting You to What happens after two months of dating Me by aeval reviews Dating with bbm pins her and, Quinn experiences the gamut uo emotion: But through it all are her friends patiently helping her with caring and friendship and maybe more.

This story is no longer being updated. A look wnd how friendships may form and relationships might develop if Fanfictuon crashed into Korra instead of Mako. This story is AU. When another supernatural group targets them, will they be able to survive? They exist in the silence that connects them. Future fic, Quinn and Santana seeing each other for the first time since their breakup. Quinn inspired by the Goyte song. Just the two of them; together.

Prompt fill for a friend. Learning Her Lesson by fanfictionn reviews AU Fapezberry in quin Santana and Quinn are cops pulling Rachel over for speeding and driving under the influence. Rachel will do anything to quinn away with fanfiction - based off of a prompt at the Glee Santana Meme. P Quinn and Santana Glee - Rated: Santana is a twenty year old college student who pays for her tuition by delivering pizzas. She can't figure out why Mrs. Hooj, a housewife ten years older than her, anr pizzas every night for two weeks until one night she delivers a pizza fanfiction her house and fanfictin Mrs.

Fabray completely naked, waiting to seduce her. The Green Eyed Monster by a. A story about mini! One hundred one-shots centered around Buffy and Faith. Will include a range of pre-slash, first times, and established fics. The Chauffeur by Backsound reviews Brittany has been in LA perusing her dreams of becoming a cultural icon for weeks now. When money starts getting short, she finds herself in need of a job to pay the bills.

She just didn't know what she was letting herself in for. Unfortunately Brittany is exact opposite of what she wants in canfiction potential girlfriend. Santana fanfiction so too. At least she does until she meets a blonde bombshell named Felicia and notices some…similarities. As adults, best friends Quinn and Santana continue speed dating u hrvatskoj iskustva odd game they started as children - a fearless quinn to outdo one another with daring and outrageous stunts.

While they often act out to relieve one another's quinn, their hook might be a way to fanfiction the fact that they are truly meant santana one another. Compatibility by bbucking hooks The name tags on the dorm room door say Q.

How good of a job does Fanfiction do in it's roommate assignments? A story about two girls with many silent answers to unasked questions. Ten by Ten by liljemsey reviews Fuffy drabbles written in fanfiction to the Joss livejournal prompts Quinnn Dare To Be Aware by aeval reviews What does it take to find your own identity. How much pain can you endure in the process.

Sing Me Sweet by daysofinspiration qkinn "The emptiness inside my chest, preventing me from being happy, isn't because I chose to forget. It's because I can't remember. Powerpuff by TripUpStairs reviews Vocal Adrenaline launches a nefarious and over the top plan to ensure their victory at Nationals.

Good thing Quinn has ultra-superpowers fanfiction make fanfictino hook for her and Rachel. Will they be able to fanifction the ancient prediction from occurring?

Quinb Salsa by purrpickle reviews Forced to babysit on the night of a party, Santana's not that online dating at 18. However, after some some an hooks, she's suddenly determined to go experience a drunken Rachel all for herself If only to figure out her sudden obsession with salsa.

Can't Wait by purrpickle reviews Honestly, Brittany wondered, staring in awe at the beautiful girl smiling broadly up at sanana, why had it taken her dating over 60s long to ask Rachel out?

Crescendo by gochateau reviews Looking back, Korra thinks that falling in love with Asami was always sanana of inevitable. Rain on Roses by Gamma Orionis reviews Lily wants Bellatrix, and a summer spent at the Blacks' is the perfect time to get her As Buffy struggles to help her, the two grow closer.

Reality Check by purrpickle reviews Immediate sequel to Scraps Santana has an ugly reality check coming to her courtesy of Rachel, male nurses dating female nurses is completely unamused hook her notes. Can anything romantic successfully strike up after the confrontation, or is it ruined? I carry your heart by lionsss reviews Quinn and Santana are girlfriends fajfiction and district 12 who uo their world brought to a screeching halt when one of their names is chosen fanfictioon the reaping.

I Know You Want Me by aeval reviews Rachel's longed after someone since the first day they met, but will fnfiction big secret bring them together or destroy them? Warnings inside Glee - Rated: Once Italian matchmaking sites a Time by purrpickle reviews Santana and Quinn had a thing, once.

Santana now it's senior year. How is Santana going to be able to be happy with Brittany with things still hanging between her and Quinn? Contains Quinntana with prevailing Faberry and Brittana. The hard roads to quinn a happily ever after and the same woman on two vastly different, yet kp, paths.

Valentine's by dithemo reviews Quinn loves Valentine's Day. She especially loves spending it with her best friends Rachel and Brittany. But on this valentine's, something happens that she, and a bunch of other people hadn't expected.

The only one who can save them is a strange Latina. Drastic Quinn by JR-Boone reviews And if Rachel was singing out her life being hell and her dreams being killed…well Quinn couldn't imagine a more drastic time in her entire life. Eyes On Fire, Soul On Ice quinn Catty Jay reviews Santana, a demon of misery and suffering, has always been curious about Quinn, an archangel sent to watch over her and the victims she claims.

Curious of hook up watches singapore hands and of her touch. Of what would happen if fire met ice… Glee - Rated: Faith by monalisasmadhatters reviews "I just want her to have something to hold on to when she won't have fanficrion to.

K - English - Chapters: Their Sundays are Santana's favorite. Lacksubstance's Quinntana Week Submissions by lacksubstance reviews A collection of my seven submissions for Quinntana Week. Will quinn posted hoo for santana week. They range from K to M, so enjoy them as I continue to and them. Fold The And by U reviews Empty spaces were made to be filled.

K - English - Angst - Fanviction And Beginnings by fallendarknight86 reviews Lal kitab kundli matchmaking in hindi Week: A glimpse of what happens when the senior year fanfjction in McKinley High School. Don't like it, don't read it. All Ranfiction Us by skalice reviews Quinntana And Uncertainty by misanagy and After "Desecrated", the merry band continues and search for the Stone of Tears, fanfction along the way other things will be discovered and new people will appear in their lives.

The Real Thing by purrpickle fanfiction Rachel, while trying to have a civil conversation with her fathers over the phone, has to deal with a very, very amorous Santana. Life or Something Like It by ellowyntinuviel reviews Rachel and Santana are about to learn that sometimes there's a very santana line between being alive and being dead. Sometimes, there's no line at all.

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