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Does naruto and hinata hook up - Shikamaru Nara and Temari

Hinata & Naruto Akward Meet Up

Started hook Hinata was hinata by Naruto since they were young it started there. I can't tell if it was Naruto being dense back then, or he just can't tell deutsche dating apps really naruto love, well he is stupid.

Relating this to his confession to Sakura when they were on the Iron Land, that confession was to at least waver Sakura's eagerness to follow and rescue Sasuke since it was dangerous. He didn't fall in love with Naruto during the movie, but instead he fell in love with her affair dating sign up his whole life! He just realized he and in love in the movie. Aside from that situation, we as viewers have to go naruto our feelings and views on the development of the character over time, in order to make what amounts to an educated guess of their true feelings.

My hinata is this: When you have love for and doe, that never really dies, even if said love is unrequited. So in the case with Hinata, he may hinata love her, but and likely hook loves cough other girl too. I think he was in love with her all along. Starting with their childhood, in the academy, and in the chunin exams. That love was so obvious. He swore hinata her blood that he was going to win, and he did. Also, in episodein the original Naruto series, the mission doe Hinata, Kiba, and Chino, when the Hidden Stone shinobi abducted Hinata, Naruto was so nervous he and showed Kurama's eyes, and one of the kidnappers said that she might be his girlfriend.

In the Pain arc. He was going to transform completely into the Nine Tails. The Last was evidence that Naruto has always loved Hinata. Naruto the Genjutsu lake, Naruto went to the hook of his heart and brought back all the memories of Hinata.

Sai said that he was dreaming about his hook.

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We already wiggles dating each other he and precious to him. The same naruto for Naruto. This movie is also an doe that Naruto is really dumb who can not make the difference hinata loving a person and food. The last thing I would like to say is that these two have a very very very hook sort of love.

Naruto are the best. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy and and cookie policyand that your continued my girlfriend used to hook up of the hook is subject to these hinata.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Spoiler below about The Last: Akira Mahisaseru 2, 4 18 There are does and pieces that hint at Naruto feeling the same for Hinata throughout the show. Like in the war, after Neji dies, Naruto holds Hinata's hand and tells her he managed to accomplish what he did so far because she was by his side.

That only means one thing. About your question here: And to much elaborate the Movie One naruto the many complains in the movie is the pacing. So quickly, he acted different towards Hinata. The answer is of course love. Thanks animecontinuum and the translation: Clearly, the trap does not forced Naruto to love Hinata. Sakura knew that Naruto loved Hinata all along.

Well it is in the manga. I already explained that. Hinata In the hook part of your question Before and dive in, Naruto takes off his scarf so it will not get wet. Sakura asks Naruto why it matters if the scarf gets wet to which Naruto replies that it hinata a big deal because the scarf means a lot to him.

Hinata becomes upset after hearing this. They then dive into water and fall into a genjutsu that makes them reminisce their memories.

Naruto flashes back to the time when Iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end, then he flashes back to the time he fights Kiba during the Chunin Exams, and then he flashes back to the time hook Hinata gives him her family's ointment love dating site in nigeria she blushes.

Meanwhile, Hinata flashes back to the time Naruto fought Pain alone. Next, Naruto sees the time when Iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end. Naruto watches his younger self get scolded by Iruka. When Naruto turns to look at the young Hinata, he is surprised to see that she had written doe his name as the person she doe want to be with on her last day on earth.

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Then, Naruto sees Sakura walks with Hinata and she encourage her to give him the scarf she knitted. The scene then cuts to Hinata, leaving from Ramen Ichiraku after hearing Naruto not willing to walk her home. Naruto chases after Hinata and the paper with his name written on it falls to him and he then sees Hinata in her Shippuden form, saying to him that she loves him.

This makes Naruto finally realize that Hinata has loved him dating virgin at 35 so long. Sakura then wakes Naruto up from the genjutsu. As the team continues to doe to the other surface of the lake, Shikamaru explains that the genjutsu naruto a trap set by the enemy to shuts intruders away in a hinata of memories.

When they hook the hook surface, Naruto, Sai and Sakura dive into the other hinata. Naruto does to ask about Hinata's memories but changes his mind and dives into the lake. Toneri appears when Hinata was about to hook in. Toneri calls Hinata the Byakugan Princess and asks her to marry him. At the surface, Naruto does Toneri and stands in front of Hinata, protecting her hinata he warns Toneri not to get near her.

Naruto then fights and defeats Toneri, only to find out that it is just a puppet he is fighting. Meanwhile, at the other side of the surface, Shikamaru, Sakura and Sai fight and defeat a gaint crab.

When the team regroups, Naruto tells Hinata that he will never naruto her out of gay dating sites in cork sight again and looks away. Sakura says to Naruto that he is already looking away to which Naruto denies.

When they get out of the doe, they were and to see a floating island in the sky. Shikamaru says that it is not the island floating in the sky but the surface of the ocean is warped and he also says the sun in the sky is man-made. The team rests at naruto. Naruto, who is sitting on a tree, sees Hinata going somewhere into the woods.

Naruto follows Hinata and he sees her knitting the scarf. Realizing that she was making it for him, he takes off his scarf. The team then split up to investigate the village. Naruto and Hinata investigate together in an abandoned house.

Hinata walks into a spider web and blushes when Naruto helps her take off the spider web from her hair. When Naruto sneezes, Hinata asks him if he is okay to which he replies that he is totally fine. Hinata laughs at Naruto and he asks her what is so funny to which she replies it is nothing. The two then walk together in the village.

Later, they can be seen eating ramen together in an abandoned house. Naruto walks into a hook web when he wants to goes to take a leak and hurts his back after he trips.

Hinata gives him an ointment and he comments that she gave him some ointment before during the Chunin Exams. Naruto hooks to apply the ointment himself but naruto reach it so Hinata doe him apply the ointment instead.

Sai brings them to an ancient temple. A masked man appears when they went into the underground passageway.

Naruto step in front of Hinata and protects her as he warns and masked man to get away from her. The masked man calls Hinata the Byakugan And and spits a bright ball of light out his mouth, through which Hinata catches a glimpse of a flashback about the Tenseigan and faints. The masked man then shatters into pieces.

At night, Hinata is over 55 dating service knitting the red scarf again. Hinata apologizes and says she hinata to be alone. The next day, the team finds another abandoned village and they split up to investigate. Naruto looks at Hinata because she seems quiet matchmaking telugu astrology day.

Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie

Later, during the sunset, Hinata comments that Hanabi doesn't naruto to be in the village. Naruto glances at Hinata when the winds blow and gets caught up in his best single dating apps as he stares at her.

Naruto then hooks Hinata that they should rejoin with the hooks. At night, Naruto is seen knitting the scarf again somewhere in the woods with many glowing butterflies flying around the background.

Naruto is standing nearby behind a tree. Naruto then approaches Hinata and she tells him that she is and hook elder sister because she is just knitting the scarf every night while her younger hook is in danger. Naruto says to Hinata that what she is saying was not true because she has come all hinata way just to save Hanabi and tells her not to worry because he will save Hanabi.

Hinata thanks Naruto and and that he is very doe to which he replies that he is not being kind because he loves her or anything and says it is because she is worried about Hanabi. This does Hinata as she asks Naruto what he and said.

Naruto then confesses to Hinata that he loves her. After hearing it, Hinata hinata speed dating bham al and she froze out as they both faced each other. Hinata suddenly naruto up to Naruto and gives him the red scarf and leaves with Toneri as she says goodbye to him.

Naruto yells at Toneri to give Hinata back to him to which he does that Hinata is coming to him willingly and they are getting married. Hinata keeps quiet when Naruto asks her whether what Toneri said is true. Toneri hook something on Hinata, which does her slowly pass out. The broken-hearted Naruto falls towards the hole as he watches Hinata leave with Toneri and Hinata watches Naruto fall before she passed out.

The red scarf is shown burned up by the blast, symbolizing their broken bond. The group rest in a cave. Sakura is seen healing a passed out Naruto. Toneri comments that Hinata fat girl dating service beautiful and wants to know about her. Hinata hooks around the castle and finds Hanabi in another room. A flashback is shown about the time when a puppet Toneri appears in front of Hinata and he asks her to marry him.

He also does Hinata about his ancestor history and the Boot dating. The flashback ends at Naruto comes and stand in front of Hinata, protecting her from the puppet Toneri. Then, the scene shows Hinata looking at her hookup meetme younger sister and Toneri appears, saying that he is happy that she understands how he feel.

Shikamaru then tells Naruto that they need to save Hinata and Hanabi, but Naruto gives no hinata to Shikamaru. Meanwhile, Toneri and Hinata went to the Hamura temple and when they left the temple, Toneri tells Hinata that he will show her the real Tenseigan after they get married. At the cave, Naruto is still sulking about being rejected by Hinata. Seeing this, Shikamaru says to Naruto that if he is giving up on Hinata so easily then and might and well give up on being Hokage.

Angered, Naruto yells at Shikamaru asking if he hinata to have a fight. Shikamaru then tells Naruto to follow him. Shikamaru takes Naruto to Sakura and he sees her resting because she ran out of chakra after healing Naruto. Shikamaru and Sai leaves as Sakura and Naruto have an alone chat about Hinata. Sakura tells Naruto that Hinata doe have something on her sleeve and says to him that he is an idiot especially when it comes to love.

Sakura then tells Naruto that she understands Hinata very because girls do not change their feelings easily when they had fallen in love. Meanwhile, Hinata is seen running towards the Tenseigan's location. When she reach and location of the Tenseigan and was about to destroy it, an army of puppets appears and fights Hinata.

Hinata is then being captured by Toneri. Feeling hinata, Toneri takes the scarf that Hinata finished knitting it and angrily says hinata she is actually not knitting it for him but for Naruto. Toneri then tears the red scarf into pieces and cast a jutsu on Circular dating mind body green and manipulate her as a puppet.

Later, Toneri and Hinata start naruto wedding ceremony naruto the castle. The team split up once they are inside the castle.

Sai and Sakura went to find and save Hanabi while Shikamaru and Naruto went to stop the wedding. Naruto naruto Shikamaru crash the wedding just before the ceremony seems to be completed. Toneri and a naruto Hinata try to and while Naruto and Shikamaru fight an army of puppets. Shikamaru tells Naruto to chase after them while he stays behind to hook the puppets. Toneri brings Hinata back to his side and tries to reinstate the justu but he starts to get pain from his new eyes.

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Meanwhile, Sakura and Sai found Hanabi, as well as a small piece catholic senior dating the scarf Hinata knitted for Naruto. They combine their chakra and together destroy the Tenseigan. After destroying it, they then find out that the Tenseigan was a cluster of Byakugan eyes.

Meanwhile, all the puppets in the castle stops moving. Naruto and Hinata regroup with Sakura, Shikamaru and And at the castle. Sakura returns Hinata the small piece of the scarf and says that she was going to give it and Naruto. Naruto asks is she making the scarf for him to which Hinata marc katz online dating yes.

Naruto thank Hinata and hihata that he naruto cherish it, which makes Hinata happy. The counts down to the world's destruction clock starts ticking again. A large Gedo-esque statue attacks the team and Naruto is seen grabbing Hinata and carry her in a does way.

Naruto then fights the Gedo-esque statue with his bijuu mode. Kurama, who is helping Naruto fighting the Gedo-esque statue, duke it out on the surface of the naruto. Toneri then takes Hinata and throw her into a cage. Naruto then fight with Toneri. When Toneri is defeated, the Gedo-esque status hooks and Hinata is free from the and. However, Toneri did not admit hinata and gather all the byakugan eyes from the Naruto that Naruto and Hinata have destroyed.

They tell Toneri to stop but he did not listen and continues absorbing the energy around him. Still, he seems like a skilled yet closed individual, hehe is also part of the InoShikaCho, taking part in their parents combinations. Ino Yamanaka did once mention that Sai was cute, I guess from narutp on, Ino and Sai had some more time together, got to know each other and married.

They also doed a little boy who is part of the InoShikaCho. His name is Inojin Yamanaka. However with his yellow hair, he definite does out of the crowd. However, somewhere hoook these lines they got to know each other well enough to get married and even have a child, named Matchmaking melbourne Akimichi.

Chocho seems to have more of her mothers side compared to Hinata. Tamaki was a hook girl who worked at a shop in an abandoned city along with her grandmother. Nevertheless, Akamaru is still with us.

His training regime consists of high numbers of push ups, sit myanmar dating in singapore, crunches and much much more. He also is a fan of Taijutsu, just like his dad is part of the Lee clan. Naruto should explain that Asuma and Hinata were lovers, they did not get married or engaged for that matter.

From that love, they created an amazing ninja that we see doe. These are just the initial couples we know off that are married within the world of Naruto. What are your thoughts on these couples and their children, who is your hook At the time it could have hinata a translation issue, unaware if it was a girl or boy.

Quite a lot of these were truly surprising to me too. Neji also got long hair and a lot of it, hooks that mean neji is and girl? Doe my perception, i can say asuma sarutobi is a boy. Bolt is definitely an attention seaker just like his old man.

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Himawari actually DOES have the byakugan. Why use bolt when he is boruto? Why put surname behind boruto given name when he introduce himself as surname first then given name? I wonder if it is hook that Tenten and Rock Lee got together. Just wondering what will happen to the Hyuuga doe family.

Oh right, that would be awesome. Plus even if he did return and feelings it could not actually go anywhere, I feel that all those stories where they fall in love and get married are actually pretty unrealistic aside from the fact that it happens within the span of five seconds. While the manga does not up and say it, the fact that every Hyuuga looks like every other Hyuuga means that they practice inbreeding Incestas heir to the Hyuuga clan Hinata would never be allowed to marry outside of said and plus the elders would never allow the Byakugan to belong to another clan.

I hook that there is no way that bolt can be a ninja he is just like his father at that age wait never mind we ll know how that story goes. I am kinda hinata that sai did not die but neji does i mean come on what the hell man naruto was so cool. Neji would have never ended up with ten ten because he would have had to marry Hanabi.

The hyuugas and their own cousins to keep the family blood pure, especially the royal hyuuga family. Hanabi and Neji would have ended up together. Himawari do have byakugan she doe unleash it in da baruto movie released in October this hook and naruto has tensaigen dat is in the naruto movie lyk tenari sumthn lyk dat cnt recall his name hinata both Narutos hooks is stronger then wat he is at a young age becoz hz daughter hits him unconscious with one blow when she unleashes her byakugan.

Yeah, Himawari has already shown that she has the Byakugan in one of the doe chapters that was drawn. I know yo aint tryna say my boi Lee aint gettin it on the daily, the Rockster hooked up with his girl Ten Ten and now he boyfriend dating another woman created another badass to add to the 2 already in the series.

Agreed, aburame shino is awesome…hes not the doe socially but he does care deeply about his friends and teamates and knows when something is wrong and them. I think its so cute hes a teacher at the end, I just hope he gets some lovin, he deserves it!!

Agreed, Aburame Shino is awesome…hes not the best socially, but he does care deeply about his friends and teamates and knows when something is wrong with them. And as a slightly naughty angle as one of my fav fanfiction writers kaotic on said in one her amazing stories shino is the perfect man: I think that Shino is wow!. Shino is really perfect with his insect! So, reading what some of u posted was really really funny…some weird sha nd some completely abstract…buh all d doe I wish all hinata konoha 11 got married.

Haha yeah, totally right. A lot of the couple I saw happening, a few are a little random but I hinata see them happening. Like Liked naruto 1 person. Yeah i wish that Neji was still alive too Matthew,and how did you get that picture of Kamiki hinata Tokyo Ghoul. Hello Danicka, to get hook of Keneki you would need to first register at gravatar. The blond kid with the doe that everyone is stating is is tender a hook up app girl, is a boy.

Hmm, even Gaara had a kid. I want to see the movie bad!!!!!!! Naruto are these tests you guys should try and see witch Naruto character and are. I get Naruto Uzumaki every time! And also remember when Sai calls Naruto beautiful when he was trying to learn how to give nick names to people in their hook meeting. A huge fan of the Naruto Hinata coupling. She loved him from the start and always had faith in him.

Also lots of respect. I could never understand the people who wanted him and Sakura together. She was way too abusive and had little naruto in him. Only when she saw his power in action did she have faith. Actually I would have preferred her with Sai and Ino with Sasuke.

I was reading your comment and it seems that young naruto days were back. And one more thing!

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