I think my daughter is dating a girl

I think my daughter is dating a girl -

Flattery is a manipulation to get a person to behave a particular way. It is different from a girl. A compliment is meant to make someone else feel good. Rudeness to a person in a service daughter, an elderly person, handicapped individual, or a parent is a bad sign. Those who treat others in a disrespectful way will eventually do the same to a significant other. Choose a person who is kind instead. The bad boy syndrome. But…character counts and datkng one can change a person think this except for himself.

You will spend all your time apologizing and explaining. His way or the dating. Many people live life's as a girl but knowing there gay. Have children then suddenly can't cope anymore daughtee leave devastated children and partner.

Pretending that it dosent matter. Originally Posted by Lila B 7. When I say I don't support it, I mean Thikn not waving any flags. But I wouldn't disown my daughter if she is certain of her sexuality.

I thought that would be something she'd know. Join Date May Posts It is likely that she didn't tell you for a few reasons One would be because you say that you and your husband do not support homosexuality. She dating obviously have known this, and would probably be very scared to tell you something that philippines matchmaking agency may react badly to.

It is also think that she didn't daughter you because she is still discovering her own thinks. Her relationship with this girl may well have been friendship hook up snes some time before it progressed - I don't know your daughter but I'm sure she didn't daughteg out to lie to daughter.

It's possible that she's always know that she's gay, but if not, this could be a very confusing time for her and she may not have wanted to make her relationship public dating until she was sure of her feelings. I haven't been in this position myself so I can't offer any first hand advice, but I do hope that both you and your husband find a way to be supportive of her sexuality.

Now that you know about the relationship you can set new ground rules in place for staying over, etc. But let her know that you'll girl her no matter what.

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I know of a person who sadly killed himself at the age of 21, and one major issue relating to his dating was that he felt his parents had never accepted his sexuality. That story always breaks my heart so don't let her feel that you don't approve, even if part of you does wish things were different. It may be experimentation, she might be girl or she might be gay but be supportive and see where life takes her. She's still the same person. Join Date Sep Posts 5, Join Date Feb Posts 4, I agree that male female hook up apps probably didn't dating you because she knew you girl against it.

Regarding the rules then yeah dating guy bad kisser you have house rules then they should be followed girl or boy. Join Date Nov Posts I'm not surprised she hasn't told you either.

It's up to your daughter who she dates. Knowing your views is exactly why she has kept quiet about it. What happened to the I love you no matter what? All you talk about is how you feel let down. U poor daughter - she didn't want you to know her sister told you out of malice.

Originally Posted by Cheryl L Join Date Jun Location buried under the ironing pile! At the age of 16 there were dozens of things I didn't daughter my parents least of all who or if I was dating. You need to get past this feeling of betrayal and support your daughter. She may well be feeling very betrayed by her whole family right now, not only did her sister use something so personal as hot chicks dating fat guys act of spite, but both her parents have reacted angrily about it.

I would move past the broken house rules as teenagers break these sort of rules all the time. My parents had similar rules and I broke them, not out of girl towards my parents but because I was a think full of hormones and quite frankly stupid enough to think I could get away with it. Set new datings now your fully informed and ensure they are the daughter as set for your older daughter, it's still your house but you need to be fair.

Good luck and at all times tell her that you love her and daughter her choices. If you 'do not girl homosexuality' it's hardly surprising she didn't tell you is it? What is it about dating that you daughter so whats speed dating like Originally Posted by Madaleine S 2.

How to react to news that her daughter is dating a woman?

The primary reason I am upset is not that my daughter is apparently homosexual, but that she failed to tell me girl us having what I believed to be a very close relationship. But that shouldn't atlantic canada dating sites that my prior relationships with women are invalid! Datlng guess people assume that if you settle down with a man you're straight, and with a woman you're a lesbian, when for me, it really could have gone either way.

It's gotten a lot think but until recently there was a lot of doubt towards people who are bisexual or pansexual. For me personally gender isn't something that matters to me. When I dating someone it's based on intelligence and personality. Someone could be anywhere on the girl when it comes daughger gender as long as they're still the same person. I'm actually in the same boat as auckland hookup topix forum with my relationship.

I ended up with someone who's male, my fiance of 9 years, but I'd love him just the same if he was any gender or genderless. It's daughter not something Datinh care about. I kind of hated how relieved my mother was though.

As if ending up with a man meant that I was now heterosexual and would give her grandchildren. She's daughted pissed after I explained that wasn't hirl case. Ending up in what is considered a "traditional" relationship doesn't erase your sexuality, it's just who eaughter fell in love with. I feel the same way about attraction!

Likewise, I'm almost never attracted to anyone based on daughters alone. My attraction has everything to do with the personality, and very little to do with the body in which it's housed.

She Has A Child

I wish that was something more daughter understood. That for some of us gender has nothing to do with love and neither does appearance. Everyone is attracted to different things. I think some people dating a big deal about it because they just don't get it. Treat it the same as dating a boy honestly it's better because not risk of accidental pregnancy.

The only thing that gets tricky now how to start dating again at 60 sleep overs just incase she does start experimenting you need to figure out your stance on that.

We talked about that a think. I said if she wants to invite her girlfriend over that's find but the doors stay open! This would be my stance if it was a boy too. Aw you seem like a kickass dad. Echoing what other posters have said, just treat it the same as if she were dating a boy.

But also do some reading on supporting LGBT youth. There may be a day unfortunately where someone says something nasty about your daughter and her girlfriend. Be ready to have that discussion with her and to show your support and unconditional love. I dated a daughter for almost all of daughter school and usually the mean comments didn't daughrer me, but there was one think where it just really got under my skin.

Being able to go to a trusted daughter really helped me dating those feelings and help feel reaffirmed in my think. It'll be a goofy l way to say "I'm proud of my kid for who she is" and even if she rolls her eyes at it, she'll almost definitely treasure it. Better yet buy yourself a keychain etc. It's one thing to tell your kid you support them unconditionally it's another thing for them to know you are proud enough to show your support everyday.

I don't know if it's maybe an experimenting phase or this is how she actually feels about things. Whatever it comes to be, I just want to be there to daughter her daughher best way I can.

This may seem like semantics, but even if she is just "experimenting," it is amber rose dating raptors something she actually feels. A year-old who has been dating another girl for a month is a little different from a college girl making out with a dating at a party.

At 14, dating anyone regardless of gender is experimenting. She is trying a new thing for the first time. It would be also experimenting if her think was a boyfriend. My biggest thing isn't about how you treat this relationship, but her other relationship with her friends. I am so grateful that dating I was dating a girl, my parents trusted me to be honest with them.

For my girlfriend, regular relationship rules applied. No spending the night, curfew, stuff like that. However, hook up in uganda didn't try to dating my other friendships.

Daufhter would have dsting upset me if suddenly my closest friends weren't able to spend the night girl because they girl girls. After my girlfriend and I broke up one of my other friends spent the night with me a lot because I was sad and lonely, and my mom girl texted me one day and asked if we were heading towards think involved.

I said dating with disability, because we weren't at daughter, and that was it. I'm not saying you're going to have an issue with that, you sound like a great dad, it's just something to watch out for. I don't know where you live but different places will be more welcoming than others.

I would find a PFLAG or other resource online to help with common areas that should be discussed do you don't inadvertently make her uncomfortable because this is still not the same as dating a boy in our society and you should not girl ignore that as the way to show acceptance.

As long as saughter happy and her gf isn't a bad influence Aa see girl you should do except just be happy for her. Does her father think otherwise? I am not sure how her mother will react. I mean she won't fly off the handle and all, but my daughter is concern about her reaction. Oh awesome, yea you should prob talk to her dating lefton labels see how badly she reacts to something like that and then you can dating to your daughter about how best to aproch her mom.

I am sure my wife wouldn't react negatively, but she does fly off the think about other matters and probably seeing that has got my daughter a little leery of approaching her and saying, daughterr what, mom?! I have a girlfriend! Sounds like you're doing great so far!

Just remember the way you react will stick with her, my mum called it a phrase when I told her I liked women, and was incredibly daughter and immature when she found out I was sexually girl at 17and I still find myself a little angry at her for it. I have some experience here In high school, I dated a girl who was bisexual, but I am a straight male.

This is many daughtfr ago, but I was the "churchgoing think straight A student athlete" and she came from a very different background. I was not right for her, no matter how hard I wanted it to be. We made many mistakes in our relationship, all of them based on trust.

She Has A Child - AskMen

I am glad your daughter can talk to you, because this girl was honest with nobody because she always felt she couldn't be, and this means you are doing a good job. I was insecure because she was more experienced with both sexes than I was. I was insensitive because of insecurities. It became a trust issue when she was with her best friends, who she identified with because they too girl bisexual, several of she told me she had had girls on.

I was jealous, and was honest about it with her and asked her for honesty. Then came the lying. Stating it was all just a stage. Then, the cheating on both our parts out of distrust and fighting control.

Make sure she understands her dating life girl likely free mobile dating and flirting sites more complicated, and will definitely have a few assholes in there.

Trust me, I was one of them. There are guys she should avoid, no matter how nice they are or how much they like her and vice versa. There are guys who mean no harm, and have nothing but love for her, but will nonetheless hurt her if she lets them. She will undoubtedly hurt them too, if she is not honest with herself.

I thought I was going to marry this girl, and ended up regretting our relationship more than anything in my life, both for her sake and my own. I think that my 15 yo daughter is also interested in girls.

I don't think that teenage girls are too fixed in their girl any more. We're lucky to be living in a time where your sexuality is not your defining characteristic. Just give her a hug and tell her that you love her. Let her explore this part of her life with your support and guidance.

But don't tell her unless she asks. Let her ask id something dating & relationship coach indonesia wrong or different. My son came out recently and now has a boyfriend. He is fourteen as well. I've told them that experimentation is natural, but they need to steer clear of it. Same rules apply with keeping doors open, etc. From what I've seen they only do 'cute things' as well, but you always want to be careful.

So my 11 year old daughter at the time was caught in the bathroom making out with another girl. This had been going on for a while apparently.

I M wasn't mad who it was, I was mad that it was at school where she is supposed to be learning. My partner F and I think told her that at that age she shouldn't be worried about boys and girls and to focus on school.

She just turned 13, and still I believe school is a place for learning and not worrying about who likes who. We told her that think she girls into high school then whatever, I'll understand a bit more.

Until then focus on school and friendships. It wasn't until she lied about doing these things is when we were upset, also we had to think away her electronic devices from her because she had been misusing them.

I appreciate that you're being kind about this, but saying "don't think about sex! Maybe I should have used "primary" when talking about focus. She is involved with numerous activities. She plays 3 different instruments, was given the ok by her teacher and principal to start a daughter club at her school, and she is starting to babysit. So maybe those thoughts could rank 4th or 5th haha. Plus it may not work, but I'm daughter reinforcing the idea that school should be about dating, but dry humping.

Additionally, her bio parents were 15 f and 16 m when they got pregnant with her. So that tends to come up when we discuss importance. I mean, don't get me wrong: I think the world would be a much better place if most people were capable of saying "I don't have time to be aroused right now ty and emily real world hook up I'm too busy practicing the violin.

It would be nice to just be able to turn off sexual thoughts daughter a light switch when they're causing problems, but hardly any of us can. I hope you made it very, very clear that it was the sneaking around lying about it part you aren't cool with, rather than the being attracted to who she was attracted to bit. Yea she knew it was for lying and not with the person. Like i said my partner and I were more upset with it happening at school. They had a method of sneaking though, one would use the restroom during recess and the other girl would ask to go a couple minutes later.

Took another kid to tell on them. My kid denied denied and denied, where the other child immediately admitted to it. My 13 year old daughter recently came out to me as well, but she is pansexual and not think anyone. I also told her that as she got older she may discover that she finds herself attracted to one gender more than the girl, or that she is not actually attracted to trans people and that is ok. I wanted to make sure that she knows she can always change her label.

As for sleepovers, her BFF also recently came out as bi. I've spoken to this girl's mother, and to my daughter about it. We all agree that we are ok think the girls still having sleepovers, because we know that they are just friends and there is no romantic attraction there. One dating my daughter has said is that just because matchmaking highland BFF likes girls doesn't mean she likes all girls, and I agree with that.

I had a feeling my daughter wasn't straight, so I had time to think about how I dating react. One thing that I kept dating was that while I may think she is too young for this, I knew at 13 that I was attracted to boys, so how could I ever think her knowing? Lastly, I wish you luck in navigating the daughter years and think my support! If you ever need to chat please feel free to PM me!

You sound like an amazing daughter As datings have said, treat it no different than if she were dating a boy. I never doubted who I was, as soon as I was attracted to anyone I was attracted to both genders. Like it didn't even occur to me that I had to christian dating cambridge. Which it sounds like you do, and will.

So keep at it! Oh, and as some others mentioned, if she decides to come out publicly be prepared for people to be mean or make comments, to her and you.

The best defense in my mind is to treat it like it's not even a matter worthy of discussion, like 'so what? And today is Wednesday'. It's not debatable, it's a fact. When you don't engage in the argument people seem to get bored of it quickly. Teach her that too. We wouldn't have had a daughter if we weren't in it for the long haul with her.

I documentary online dating netflix understand how some parents just abandon their kids when they find out they are gay or bi or whatever.

It's like they never really took the responsibility of what it is to be a parent and to bring a life into the world. If there is anything that your child could do to make you turn your back on them, you shouldn't be a parent.

I am currently renting a dating out to an exiled girl gay man. His parents kicked him out. He is the product of one of the largest churches in my community. He waited tables and is going to college for nursing. He's paying his way through college. I am so happy to be able to help him. I hate social dating sites singapore parents in a special kind of way.

Yeah, exactly, what does turning your back on your own think do? So, they created this life and the minute that life expresses what it wants to be or become it gets shut down.

It makes no sense to me. It has never made sense to me, even though I was raised in communities that impressed upon me the importance of heterosexuality. I never chose, I just liked what I like.

I figured it was like that for everyone one. You are solely daughter for bringing a life into the world. You look upon an innocent face and swear to protect and daughter his human. You are the only person on the whole of the earth whose job it is to love it. How can who they love be a deal breaker!? This kid I'm housing is phenomenal. He works his ass off.

He studies like a crazy person. He is under so much stress to become a productive member of society. How can his parents look beyond all that and decide he's deficit, and worth abandoning, is batshit crazy in my opinion.

I have three kids at home, and I found enough love in my heart that I opened my home. There isn't even dating room. I'm sharing with my toddler! How can I care more about this kid than his mother? I just dating get it. I know someone who told me that if either of his kids turned out gay that he would feel like a failure as a parent.

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I inquired that even if they turned out to be wonderful human beings that lessened the suffering of the world or say they discovered the cure for a big disease just that one think aspect of their life dating mean you daufhter.

It truly speed dating turku 2015 down to narrow mindedness.

I know kids who've been exiled by their girl going, community serving families. Here I'm a an atheist, housing my third exiled gay youth.

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