Countries Are Investing to Accommodate Bigger Container Ships

Investments in port infrastructures are continuing in countries all around the world, as trade officials anticipate the completion of the Panama Canal expansion; now set for early 2015. The giant mega ships can only dock at ports that are able to accommodate their enormous size and will bypass the one’s that cannot. This will put countries who fail to upgrade and modernize their port systems at a severe disadvantage, in an ever-growing competitive economic world.

In the United States, coastal states are scrambling to deepen their waterways and modernize their ports under difficult financial constraints and hope to be ready to be in a position to capitalise on the growth opportunity in a couple of years. Recently in Germany, the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven was opened after nearly a decade of planning and construction. It is estimated to have cost over $1 billion to complete, but is now ready to handle the new modern mega-ships carrying many more shipping containers, to anxiously awaiting companies and consumers.

Investments to modernize these global port infrastructures are absolutely essential for countries and regions looking to compete in the future. In fact, there are already many of these giant container ships on the seas transporting goods to ports, that already have the proper facilities in place and recent numbers show a definite increase in the volume of containers processed; in their ports so far this year. This is an encouraging sign for investors who want to invest in shipping containers, and have positioned themselves to benefit from the anticipated rise in global economic growth.

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