Investment-Seekers Should Consider Cargo Container Investments

container ship with cargo containersIf you are in search of a good investment which carries very little risk, consider investing in containers. These are the large metal containers that are commonly seen on trains, cargo ships, and trucks. Over the last two decades, shipping container investments have proven that they can help curb the common investment risks associated with investing in stocks and bonds, by operating outside the constant fluctuation of the stock and bond markets.

Shipping containers are widely regarded as an investment in a hard asset. Hard assets are tangible items, unlike company shares and government/corporate bonds. Perhaps the most appealing thing to investors is the fact that container investments are not directly tied to the stock markets, and thus are not subject to volatile price fluctuations. This provides investors with a great way to beat rising inflation as well.

In addition to the great investing benefits listed above, there are three additional reasons investment-seekers should consider investing in shipping containers:

  1. They provide long term returns, have a low dollar entry level and have a strong resale value. They contain a certain amount of nickel and therefore will increase in value over time. Resale values of 30% or more are typical.
  2. Investing in shipping containers provides long-term returns. Shipping containers last 20 years or more. With this long term stability, your investment can remain profitable for decades.
  3. Investing in stocks and bonds can be short term as companies lose value and go out of business. Not so with shipping containers. Your investment is stable and in for the long run.

If you do not have a lot of money to start investing, shipping container investments are ideal. Investors can begin with just one container, at a cost of about $4100 USD. This small investment provides a great beginning and steady returns, without having to invest a lot of money.

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  1. I am trying to get an answer to what I think is a simple question. I have posted this question on several sights, but haven’t gotten a response. I am new at this, just happen to stumble across shipping containers as a form of income.
    My question is “If I were to purchase say even one container for $4,100. what would I be receiving monthly or quarterly for leasing that container?
    Thank you for any answer you can provide.

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