Making Investment Decisions Based on Fact Not Feeling

For most investors across the globe, the endless investment options and opportunities that have emerged over the last decade have caused them to become overwhelmed and even more confused than they were at anytime before. Compounding their uncertainty about investing is the repeated poor performance of traditional investments like stocks and bonds, that have formed the foundation of their investment portfolio for years and years.

In today’s markets, investors have learned to carefully consider all of their investing options and make decisions that are based on fact, not feeling. In some instances, alternative investments and business opportunities have demonstrated better long-term performance, when compared to the collection of more common investments. This can be attributed to the fact that many of the best alternatives are made up of hard assets, like investing in shipping containers,┬áthat are generally unaffected by the performance of international markets and/or asset classes. Therefore, the fact is that this approach provides a degree of protection against some of the things which can negatively influence an investment’s performance, like rising inflation, greed, corruption, and scandal, and can even work to protect and steadily grow an investor’s investing principle.

Regrettably, many of the more common investment strategies include assets that are heavily influenced by the actions and decisions of corporate executives and government officials, and therefore are seen as riskier and generally unappealing by many investment-seekers around the world. On the other hand, many of the alternatives are described by investors as “a wise investment,” especially when they are closely compared to the tumultuous stock market or the poor return investors receive from their local bank’s savings account options. This steady migration to non-traditional investment strategies, shows that investors are less likely to invest their money based on feelings, than they are to invest based on facts.

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