New Investment Options Inspire Renewed Investing Confidence

Since the decline of financial markets in 2008, many members of the investment community have taken a much different approach to their investment strategies and are beginning to include low risk investments, like investing shipping containers. It would appear that the steady rise in popularity has been inspired by hard assets’ ability to earn a steady profit and preserve principle value, even in times of economic uncertainty and loss. Investors are learning that in most instances, hard assets like a shipping container are unaffected by the performance of other asset classes and can deliver profits to investors, even when stock markets, currency and property values are steadily declining.

This fact becomes even more evident when investors stop to consider that shipping container liners like Hapeg-Lloyd, OOCL and COSCO have managed to raise container lease rates, improve over-all efficiency and increase profits, regardless of financial troubles experienced around the world over the last year or even several years. The reason for this is simple. The Manufacturing and Transport industries are vital to encouraging and supporting the continued economic growth, particularly in emerging and established marketplaces. As well, they play an important role in the implementation of infrastructure investments, projects and improvements, that are currently underway all over the world.

Because of their international importance and tangible nature, shipping container investing is extremely popular with investors and widely considered a low risk investment strategy, that has the potential to deliver steady investment returns, regardless of the performance or projections of other asset classes. Nowadays, the stock, bond, currency and real estate markets are creating more questions and concerns from investors who are demanding better opportunities and investing options from investment providers. In fact, the frustration felt by many investment-seekers has already lead to better communication and more accountability from those offering investments. And in turn, this approach has begun to inspire a renewed confidence in the investment community’s economic outlook on the markets, and their willingness to commit to new endeavors.

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