Set the Record Straight About Investing With Pacific Tycoon

ol profile pic black and whiteSince writing about my experience with Pacific Tycoon, I have been bombarded by questions from investors; some from half-way across the globe. Albeit flattering, my investment with the company has made me an unwilling celebrity. I am here now to set the record straight one last time and in doing so, address the most common questions I have received.

Why did you invest with Pacific Tycoon?

Back in 2009, in the wake of the financial chaos and crisis, I made a promise to myself to uncover the most promising and viable alternatives, to the traditional options – like the stock markets and real estate; that had been devastated by the global financial crisis. Some years later (2012) I came across an opportunity to invest in container leasing investments. To me, this appeared to be more of business venture than the traditional-type investments I was accustomed to. This immediately peaked my interest.

How did you invest with Pacific Tycoon?

I made several visits to the Pacific Tycoon website and reviewed the material at length before emailing the company for more information. After initiating contact, I received a follow-up email from a gentleman named Daniel. From there we arranged a telephone conversation to address my questions about both the industry and the investment. In the weeks that followed my meeting with Pacific Tycoon’s representatives, I spent hours (and hours) verifying the information I was given. When I was satisfied with the risk v.s. reward, I went ahead with my decision to purchase shipping containers and lease them (according to the agreement I studied) to Pacific Tycoon.

How are returns earned and paid?

Unless things have changed in the last couple of years, there are 2 means in which to lease your containers to Pacific Tycoon. The “guaranteed” agreement and the “aggressive” agreement.

Being adverse to risk, I favored the “guaranteed” approach which paid a 12% return. Each and every month my payments are deposited by wire transfer into my bank account.

Are you worried it might be a scam?

My position is this … when I discovered Pacific Tycoon a couple years ago, there was no mention of a scam anywhere. The troubling allegations only appeared in the last year (2013) and (to my knowledge) are unsubstantiated. In fact, to rebut some of these negative claims, there are a number of positive reviews of Pacific Tycoon available on the Internet.

From my perspective all I can say is that my dealings with Pacific Tycoon have always been straightforward and professional. And, perhaps more importantly, my payments have always arrived on time. As an independent, private investor, what more can I ask for?

My final thoughts on the matter.

As with those investors who suffered through the mortgage crisis and stock market crash know all too well, investing is accompanied by risk. As my own financial/investment adviser, I am responsible for conducting my own research and balance the risk versus the reward. Until proven otherwise, I maintain that I have made the right decision about investing with Pacific Tycoon.

Please accept my apologies, but I will be closing the comments on my earlier post, as well as this one. If you have any further questions, may I suggest that you contact Pacific Tycoon directly?