Shipping Container Demand Shows Strength of Global Economy

shipping container portThe state of the global economy, has always been front and center when economists and investment analysts make their predictions. Both current and prospective businesses and investors like to know this information before making any decisions about their investment interests. While it is always nice to know exactly what may happen in the future, far too many “armchair analysts” have been wrong about the global economy in the past, and it has left many businesses and investors struggling with repeated financial losses.

The problem with predicting what may happen in the future global economy, is that there are far too many variables involved when trying to determine what could occur in markets around the globe. This is why some analysts like to only focus on the bigger picture. This allows them to get a good overview of the entire economic spectrum, and thus provides a more objective perspective on the direction that the world’s economy is moving. In the end, it all boils down to positive or negative numbers and their relationship with certain influential indicators.

The global economy has positively grown in the last ten years (it has in fact doubled). This is due in large part to the positive growth of the world’s emerging markets (representing half the world’s population). These new prospering consumer markets are creating appealing investment opportunities that will help the global economy double by 2020. Collectively, these expanding markets are expected to achieve between seven and ten percent positive growth annually by the end of the decade, and welcome an additional 1 billion consumers to the global economy.

Another key indicator that analysts use to forecast the strength of the global economy or any domestic economy as well, is the demand for shipping containers. They are essential to the function of the global or domestic economy and past and present demand totals give industry experts a good idea of what the trend is and whether or not it will continue or change direction.  As far as the global economy is concerned, the numbers and trend shows that demand for shipping containers is expected to skyrocket over the next ten years. This provides a great opportunity to invest in containers and capitalise on the growth potential. After all, successful investing is about identifying key indicators that can signal a change in an industry or economy, and uncover opportunities for business and investment.

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