Shipping Container Demand Will Rise as Populations Increase

investors see the rising demandWhen investors consider making an investment, one area they should look into are growth sectors. The value of the entire global economy is increasing steadily, despite the continuing troubles in the West. As a result, there are many sectors that are essential to it’s growth and are appealing investments, like hard assets for example. Commodities such as oil and gas, gold and silver, real estate and even shipping containers are experiencing an increase in demand all over the world, as the world economy gets bigger and bigger. These alternative options have become some of the more popular investments over the last ten years, as the global economy has almost doubled in size, since the turn of the century.

Industry analysts have predicted that the global economy will again double in size by the year 2020. With the new emerging markets around the world gaining more economic strength in the coming years, the need for hard assets is expected to be constant at the same time, and this strong demand for these essential supplies is encouraging investors world-wide to capitalize on the opportunities. In the last five years, hard assets have delivered investment returns that have outperformed the global stock markets by a wide margin and this upward trend is expected to continue, well into the coming years.

As the global consumer base grows, so too does the demand for transporting the supply of goods to busy shipping ports all over the world. This presents a profitable opportunity for investors looking to invest in growth. Since close to 90 percent of the world’s cargo is shipped by water, investing in containers is one option that can be expected to grow in direct relation to the global economy. More and more people are beginning to realize that a dependable supply of shipping containers is needed to continue the steady transportation of goods and even today, the industry is having a difficult time keeping up with the on-going rising demand for containers world-wide. Furthermore, there is wide speculation that when the Panama Canal Expansion is open in 2015, that the demand for shipping containers is going to rise even further and will continue right up to 2020. This trend is expected to continue into the next decade.

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