These 4 Answers Determine Success of Container Investments

container investment questionsBecause container investing requires that investors purchase their own cargo containers, and then add them to an existing fleet to earn long-term profits from established shipping leases, many investment-seekers see investing in containers as more of a business opportunity; than a traditional investment. This can be attributed to the fact that for most investors, a business opportunity involves the sale or lease of a product, service, equipment, etc., which by proper definition; includes both cargo containers and shipping leases.

Over time, experienced investors have learned that any proposed business venture, whether it be shipping container investing or any other investment endeavor, must provide satisfactory responses to all four of the following detailed questions; found below. With that being said, in order for investing in containers to be considered a viable and profitable opportunity for apprehensive investment-seekers and the majority of the investment community, investors should ask themselves:

  1. Is there a growing need for shipping containers? Yes. From the expansion of the Panama Canal, to the introduction of mega-container ships and the increase in infrastructure projects in Asia (China and India), the demand for cargo containers is expected to rise steadily; well into 2020.
  2. Is there a method of fulfilling the growing need for shipping containers  Yes. Container leasing and management companies are building large fleets of cargo containers, to supply the current shipping demand. However, more investment is needed to accommodate steady growth in the industry.
  3. Is there a means of applying the method, used to fulfill the growing need for shipping containers? Yes. Asset management companies are offering shipping container investments, to help them increase the size of their container fleets, and allow them to supply the rising demand from shipping companies and international manufacturers.
  4. Is there a method of deriving a benefit, from fulfilling the growing need for shipping containers? Yes. Based on established and negotiated shipping leases with container management companies, investors can earn a rate of return on their investment that often exceeds 12 percent.

It is important to note that the more unique the combination of the above ingredients are, the more unique the business opportunity will be for investors. As well, the more control an investor has over the key elements of their investment opportunity, the better position they will be in to take advantage of other investing options that might emerge. The constant and rising need for shipping containers across the globe requires ongoing investment from private investors to meet the increasing demands of the Manufacturing and Transportation industries. Working in partnership with container leasing and management firms, investors can actively participate in building the global economy, as well as earn a monthly income from established shipping leases.

3 thoughts on “These 4 Answers Determine Success of Container Investments

  1. From what I have read over the past 3 months, this niche for investors is very attractive and I would like to learn about more of the companies that are offering this opportunity. I know about Pacific Tycoon and World Container, Inc., but I have been unable to find others. I would appreciate any assistance to identifying these companies so I can do more research. Thank you.

  2. Like any investment there are risks to the investor, much is always stated about the
    benefits of investments and what is written about ‘shipping container’ investments
    appears to be all good and the ‘pros’ have it, now I would like to know the ‘cons’, or
    risks, as I am certain there must be some.
    So perhaps Pacific Tycoon can provide some answers on the ‘cons’ .

  3. I have been reading about investing in shipping containers and I look at this as a form of passive income and since I am getting close to retirement age this looks pretty good. One questions of many I am sure I could ask, but I will start with this one.

    For the purpose of this question, If I purchase 5 containers at $4,000 of course that would be a $20,000 investment what would my monthly or quarterly check be? Or if you would like to give me your results that would be great also. Just trying to find someone that is or has invested in shipping containers and can give some hard numbers. Thanks for the information you can provide.

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