What Are Some Investments That Offer a Monthly Return?

When you invest your money, few things are better than seeing a constant return on your investment while also building wealth. There are several types of investments that can both mature and earn a steady income for you. Albeit there are many investment types that have proven they can generate a steady income, the most common examples are real estate, shipping containers, and short term loans. The best way to identify these appealing investment options is to begin with some research.

The most appealing aspect of each of the 3 investment types mentioned above, is that they have demonstrated over the years that they can provide a good investment return, while at the same time earning an income for investors. Here is my brief breakdown of each offering:

Real Estate:

In the instance of real estate, you can earn income from a tenant while also paying down your mortgage – which in turn is creating a higher net worth and value in the house. When you sell the house, you could have the entire asset paid for by someone else while you are also the sole beneficiary of the sold asset. Many investors dabble in some kind of real estate and it is often considered to be one of the safest investment types out there.

Shipping Containers:

Although not as commonly known in North America or Europe, investing in containers is another way to generate a monthly income. In essence, investors purchase a container and hire a maritime asset manager to lease it out to international shipping lines. Shipping companies pay a rental fee and investors profit while the asset’s value is paid down.

Short-Term Loans:

Short-terms loans can also be a good income producing investment, although they tend to be riskier than the first two listed above. In the case of short term loans, you can make a weekly, or monthly profit form the interest and have the full loan paid back within weeks or months. This is much more common in emerging markets where cash flow is often not as readily available, as in other global markets.

It would seem as though there is a growing trend of investors seeking investment opportunities that will provide a steady income, while delivering long-term performance. The days of making investments and then waiting two decades for a pay-out, are very quickly fading. Nowadays, more and more investment-seekers would like to see a monthly income and count their profits sooner than later. As such, an increasing number are choosing their investments accordingly.

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