Who, What, When, Where, Why of Shipping Container Investing

With growing interest, comes growing questions. This is the what has occurred with shipping container investments, over the last few years. Like hard-working reporters, investors want to know the answers to the 5 Ws, before committing to anything. Furthermore, the answers they discover, must satisfy their curiosity as well as ease their apprehension.

What am I investing in? Investors are purchasing their own fleet of shipping containers. These are the large metal boxes, that are seen on cargo vessels, trains and trucks, all over the world. They are used to ship everything from lap tops to heavy machinery.

Who will lease my containers? Investor’s containers are used to meet the rising demand for shipping containers, from international manufacturers and global industry leaders.

When will my containers begin to earn revenue? With the help of a shipping container management and leasing company, investors will begin to earn profits, as soon as; their shipping container investment is added to the company’s active fleet.

Where will my containers be deployed? At the moment, the demand for shipping containers is rising around the globe, especially in emerging economic markets; like Brazil, UAE and even Russia. A well established container management company, will have analyst and logistic specialist, that will predict growth and demand for containers.

Why are containers in high demand? Although there are a number of factors influencing the growth of the global economy, and the subsequent rise in demand for shipping containers, there are 2 notable contributors: the strong and steady growth of emerging countries and the expansion of the Panama Canal.

With traditional investing methods continuing to raise concerns with investors, alternatives to common investments are rising in popularity, and quickly replacing traditional strategies; in more and more investor portfolios. With that being said, opportunities like container investing are continuing to prove that they can meet the constant demand of growing industries, and provide consistent returns for investors; month after month.


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