About Michael Young

I am the manager of a small investment fund that focuses on alternative investment opportunities that earn safe and steady investment returns for investors.

Container Leasing Companies Help You Invest In Containers

Recently, I have been doing a great deal of research into shipping container investments. The opportunity to participate in (and profit from) global trade really excites me. As a shipping container owner, I would receive monthly revenues that can be used to supplement my income, or can be reinvested in containers to earn more money.

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and types. The most common are twenty-foot (TEU), forty-foot (FEU), and reefers or refrigerated containers. It is my understanding many container leasing companies deal primarily with these models. Investing in either of these maritime assets will ensure that your containers are constantly in demand, and consistently working hard to transport cargo and earn money.

The world’s two busiest trade routes, Asia-North Europe and Asia-North America, move more than 37 million containers each year. These shipping lanes are very important to global trade and make huge contributions to the world’s economy. Without a continuous supply of shipping containers to accommodate imports and exports, economies across the globe would grind to a halt. This makes them a valuable, hard asset to own.

To purchase containers and participate in global trade, it is widely recommended that investors enlist the help of a container leasing company, like investcontainers or similar. Companies like this operate fleets of containers across the globe, and have a long list of shipping/logistics clients they serve. Container owners can sign a management agreement with one of these leasing companies, and have their assets deployed and managed with their existing fleet.

By enlisting the help of professionals to manage their shipping containers, investors need not concern themselves with the day-to-day operation of their assets. Deployment and maintenance is all handled by the container leasing company, so investors can do other things instead of worrying. As a gentleman with a full-time job and a family, I would prefer to focus on the happiness in my life, rather than the administration of my investments.

Investors Struggle To Find Investments That Help Meet Goals

It is not just amateur investors that have a difficult time finding investment opportunities that are dependable and profitable. Investment seekers, both experienced and affluent investors, from all over the world struggle to uncover investments that fall within their tolerance for risk, and help them meet their long-term investing goals. For most, they have a genuine concern about the poor performance of traditional investments, which includes fears that many stocks are overvalued and therefore a dangerous investment. The bond market is also troubling given their exposure to interest rate hikes and the devastating effects of inflation.

One solution for investors is to focus their attention on industries that have given a strong performance and have inspired investment in recent years. For example, Transportation and Manufacturing are two industries that have experienced notable growth since the global financial crisis crippled the world in 2008 and 2009. Within each well-performing industry, investors will discover sectors that offer them exposure to profitable marketplaces. In this case, investors who invest in containers gain exposure to the Transportation industry by way of the shipping sector.

Equally as important as the industry/sector you choose, is the geographic location of the investment offering. Using the example from above, both Transportation and Manufacturing are performing incredibly well in Asia, particularly in China, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Making an investment in these industries, and in these geographic areas, is likely to deliver the best, safest investment returns; given the long-term outlook for demand in the region.

Finding safe, profitable investments requires a steadfast commitment and a strong determination on the part of investors. Investment-seekers will not find them lying in plain view on the surface, for all to see. Deep investment research is the only sure way to identify the new investments, that are worthy of being added to your investing portfolio. This is the case, regardless of whether you are an amateur, experienced, or affluent investor.